Our Singapore Spirit

In 2015, we came together in appreciation of our story as a people and a nation. It was a year of reflection, celebration and inspiration.

Our Singapore Spirit is kindling. Let us use it as a torch to illuminate the way forward as we turn the page to a new chapter.

The "SG" logo represents our collective Singapore Spirit that lives in the things we do, and behind how we do them, from our founding into our future.

www.sg will be where we continue to celebrate us and this little red dot we lovingly call home.


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The SG Logo

This is the SG logo.

It represents our kindling Singapore Spirit, that lives in the things we do and behind how we do them day after day. It symbolises the shared values and aspirations that bind us as a nation.

We encourage all who would like to identify with the Singapore Spirit to use the logo.

Please note that use of SG logo does not imply endorsement of any event, product or service. We hope that you will treat the SG logo with dignity and respect, and in accordance with Singapore laws. While the SG logo may be used by all, it and its customised versions should not be used to:
- Make threats of violence, personal attacks or derogatory remarks against others
- Advocate any political or religious agenda, or cause conflict or misunderstanding in society
- Depict any inappropriate content
Lastly, we recommend that you only use SG logo files downloaded from this website.