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Our city is abuzz with all types of events for every kind of Singaporean. Here are some highlights.

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Run pilgrim
23 Oct 2017

Run, bond and make friends in a fun way!

Community Food Kampung Spirit Our Singapore Fund

Founded by Gerrard Lin and Wan Jiawei, Run Pilgrim is an events company that aims to encourage Singaporeans to run and have a good time. So far, they have come up with quirky themed runs such as the Teh Tarik Run and the Durian Run that saw its third edition this year. We spoke to Gerrard, one half of the team behind the wacky initiative.

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Families Beyond Blood
05 Aug 2017


Community Kampung Spirit

Families inspire compassion, love and support. And families go beyond just blood.

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Communeaty - Food Canvas
26 Jun 2017


Projects Ideas Community Food

Local companies are stepping up to the plate and serving good food for a good cause. We spoke to three such establishments who are paying it forward and giving back to those who need it most. This is what they had to say:

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Project Become
08 Jun 2017

Changing the world, one container at a time

Projects Feature Ideas

Passionate about reducing plastic waste, four friends from Hwa Chong Junior College initiated Project bECOme a movement which conducts social experiments and collection drives to inspire less use of plastic. We speak to Oan Jia Xuan, leader of Project bECOme.

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Going Back to Basics
06 Jun 2017

Going Back to Basics

Community Food

Inspired by her tough childhood experiences, Noor Mastura, 27, set up two ground-up initiatives – ‘Back2Basics’ and ‘Interfaith Youth Circle’.

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A Packet of Rice
02 Feb 2017

Grains of Hope

Community Projects Singapore Spirit

They called, others answered. A Packet of Rice is a movement started by a few friends which rallies people to sponsor and distribute meal boxes to needy residents and senior citizens living in rental flats. Its founder Vincent Goh, 36, a public servant, shares more.

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