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A helping hand is good,
but an open mind is better.

Let's open our minds and hearts to the many ways of building our Singapore together - through your passions, your ideas, and action.

Pick your Passions
Cooking Enjoying Food Enjoying Food
help help-community Helping the Community
health health Staying Well and Healthy
Arts Black Supporting Creativity Supporting Creativity
conversations conversations Engaging in Conversations
learning learning Learning and Growing
economy economy Supporting the Economy
IT Geeking Over Gadgets Geeking Over Gadgets
Environment Loving Nature Loving Nature
Animals Caring for Wildlife Caring for Animals

Short commitment,
a huge impact

you can:

A helping hand is good,
but an open mind is better.

Our SG

Share your passions on a bigger stage

Our SG

Inspire others with your ideas

Our SG

Find a tribe of like-minded people

Our SG

Kickstart events that grow into movements

Exciting events
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Distance from location

Meet the people who
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