60 years of our National Symbols

On a 3rd December morning,
the National Flag, National Anthem and State Crest were unveiled. Singapore, had just gained self-governance. The year was 1959.

This marked a turning point in our journey towards independence, as our symbols signified what we stood for, who we wanted to be, and our resolve to build our own future.

60 years on, they’re still a powerful salute to the lion in us. So let’s celebrate our National Symbols' 60th anniversary with five unique collaborators who’ve reimagined their significance. Through 1959, a local line of collectibles drawn from our symbols.

discover the symbols

1959 is an homage to
that momentous

A collaboration of art by local designers and the values behind our National Symbols.

Made for Singapore.
By Singaporeans.
Now your brand of pride to own.