Let's Shape Singapore Together

When you open your mind, you begin to see how we can help shape #SingaporeTogether.

The Singapore Spirit has always been about bringing people from all walks of life together — first through Our SG Conversations, then SG Future events.

Now, let's take it a step further, together. Because you can lend yourself in ways only you know. Whether it's painting jams. Sharing your latest snaps. Or simply your talent at making new, unexpected friends.

It's time we make active citizenry exciting by sharing our gifts, our ideas, and our passions with the community.

Because a helping hand is good, but an open mind is better.

Our Logo

It represents Our SG Spirit and symbolises our shared values and aspirations, to constantly progress for our nation. We encourage all who would like to identify with the Singapore Spirit to use the logo.

Please note that use of the logo does not imply endorsement of any event, product or service. We hope that you will treat the logo with dignity and respect, and in accordance with Singapore laws.

Lastly, we recommend that you only use SG logo files downloaded from this website.

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