Behind Every Door

The role of Pioneer Generation Ambassadors is unique in that they aim to reach every single one of our seniors in Singapore. 

Every day, PGAs set out to knock on the doors of seniors aged 65 and above. They meet seniors who may be isolated or illiterate, and don’t know about the assistance available and how to apply for them. PGAs help these seniors get the support they need.  

Sometimes, PGAs meet seniors who are more fortunate and are well taken care of by their families. But even then, it can take the load off the shoulders of these seniors when PGAs share about the schemes put in place to help them with their healthcare costs, as they are often worried about being a burden to their families.

PGAs also meet many seniors who have interesting and meaningful stories and lessons to share, and who enrich their lives.

If you would like to meet seniors from all walks of lives, and do your part to make sure that none of them are left behind, join as a Pioneer Generation Ambassador today! 

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