Fish For A Lifetime

“It’s not an easy life,” the 70 - year - old silver-haired Mr Kang said with a wry smile.

Twenty years ago, Mr Kang decided to venture into fish farming. He forked out S$5,000 for a kelong in Batam. Having harboured dreams of riches, Mr Kang good - naturedly admits this did not turn out to be the case. Chuckling, he said, “I think I can make my money… but that was wrong.”

He now oversees his boss’ kelong around Lorong Halus jetty, in Singapore’s north - east. Starting at 6.30 am each day, he manages three workers on the idyllic fish farm, changing nets and feeding the fish thrice a day.

In 2009, calamity struck the farm, when an algae bloom led to 10,000 lobsters perishing. A similar 2014 incident killed 20,000 fish. Algae blooms lower the water’s oxygen levels, suffocating fish and crayfish.

But the hardened Mr Kang has come to terms with the cycles of his trade. He remarked matter - of - factly, “When you have been farming for so long, it’s just one of those things.”


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