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NEA Volunteer Story

Doing good our part as citizens of this clean and green city.

Sanjay Mundhra is an active and passionate volunteer who does his part to keep Singapore clean and green. He organises volunteering activities to support the Keep Clean Singapore (KCS) campaign and Tree Planting.

Being a Community Volunteer, we do our part for the environment by correcting environmental offenders’ actions. Our outreach activities allow us to contribute back to the society.

NEA Volunteer Story image

Sanjay has been a Community Volunteer (CV) since 2016 where his main role is to engage and educate individuals on environmental public health offences (e.g. littering, smoking in prohibited places etc.). To-date, he has engaged more than 1,600 individuals clocking in 200 of his volunteering hours.

Given his passion and commitment, Sanjay was recognised and appointed as a CV Lead in 2017 to mentor newly recruited CVs and build camaraderie amongst CVs. In addition, as a CV lead, he has been scheduling patrols twice a month to engage and mentor CVs.

If you believe in making a difference to the community and improving our environment, please contact us at or register here.


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