Conjunct Co-Founder Kwok Jia Chuan engaging participants at the Volunteer Management Networking Session, hosted by NCSS on 27 May 2019

Helping Nonprofits Blossom Brightly

Can kids learn grammar rules while playing a city-building game on a smartphone or computer?

Solve Education! believes they can. The nonprofit organisation designed a gaming app to help disadvantaged children in Asia brush up their English skills. The challenge is, how do they prove it works?

That was when Conjunct Consulting and its team of skills-based volunteers came to their aid.

"Eye-opening, challenging, meaningful … to best describe my three years with Conjunct. I have had the privilege to work with amazing volunteers who exposed me to new perspectives. I saw what dedication looks like and what passion stands for."

Conjunct: Connect

Conjunct is the first consulting firm in Asia focused on nonprofits. A nonprofit itself, it was started by two young Singaporeans in 2011 who envisioned a passionate community coming together to strengthen social good organisations. 

“Many nonprofits have limited funds and resources for improving their operations and systems. We founded Conjunct Consulting to help them, so they can in turn, focus on helping their beneficiaries better,” explained Mr Kwok Jia Chuan, the co-founder of Conjunct and its current Chairman.

Conjunct ropes in undergraduates and working professionals keen to volunteer their skills. These volunteers receive training and were matched to projects from nonprofits serving families, children and youth, the elderly, or people with disabilities. Volunteers apply their experience and expertise to solve specific problems raised by these organisations.

In the case of Solve Education!, a group of student volunteers dived into the challenge and suggested ways it could measure impact. With their inputs, Solve Education! built robust testing tools and visual dashboards to show learning outcomes.

Volunteers who are working professionals use their deep corporate expertise in areas such as project planning, marketing, communications, technology, finance, or operations to enhance the backend functions of nonprofits.

The Foundation of Rotary Clubs (Singapore) was one organisation which benefitted from their involvement. “Conjunct provided insights and tools to overcome problems and hurdles and helped us formulate a strategic plan with a clear road map,” said Mr Wong Kwai Wah, its Honorary Secretary.  “We are incredibly grateful for their support."


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