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SDSC has a range of 20 sports and games. Training is conducted by professional coaches. SDSC provides the environment for athletes to develop their capabilities. Volunteers with SDSC sports programme will be able to share their sports expertise, have opportunities to learn and play disability sports and show their care and concern to the less abled ones. Training will be provided for volunteer coaches and officials.

Volunteer Roles:

SDSC engages the support of volunteers to assist athletes in their training. For the more severe ones, they would need assistance to carry / retrieve their equipment. For example, the sailors would need volunteers to lift and carry their sailing boats, the archers would need volunteers to retrieve their arrows, and the field athletes would need volunteers to retrieve their javelins, discus and shot put after their throws. Those with sports coaching experience can assist the coaches in the training, thus reducing the athlete: coach ratio. The roles of the volunteers and the degree of assistance and involvement vary from sport to sport and the functional abilities of the athletes.

Upcoming Activities

SDSC’ sports training is conducted regularly throughout the year. The frequency of training could range from once a week to three times per week. Most sports training are held in the evenings and during the weekends. SDSC has a range of 20 sports and games and it requires about 200 volunteers to assist in all its training sessions. Most training venues are in Sport Singapore sports centres. For special sports like Archery, Sailing, Tenpin Bowling, and Shooting, SDSC rents the venues from specific vendors and organisations.

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