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SG:D Friends programme offers expanded opportunities for everyone, as well as public and private organisations, to reach out to all segments of the community, including mature adults, seniors, students, low-income families and people with disabilities. In addition to supporting Digital Readiness (“DR”) activities through volunteering, partners will also be able to take on a larger role in multiplying DR outreach efforts.

Every year, SG:D Friends can step forward to support Digital Readiness efforts. This includes volunteering opportunities that will be made available on a regular basis to the SG:D Friends.

Interested companies and organisations from the private, people or public sectors may support in the following ways: 

  • Provide volunteers at Digital Readiness events;
  • Adopt and run a Digital Readiness programme;
  • Upskill the community through Basic Digital Skills training; and
  • Promote messages on Digital Readiness.

To find out more about SG:D Friends, please visit:

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