Students with a Passion

University students from NTU Hall 4 Touch of the Hearts (TOTs) connected with Rainbow Centre (RC) about 3 years ago to get more organised and involved in community services. When RC shared with the students on their needs for increasing awareness of their cause, donation support and logistical help in school activities and events, the NTU Hall 4 TOTs students readily stepped up. 

On their own volition and creativity, the NTU Hall 4 TOTs students mounted an annual awareness and fundraising campaign at shopping malls like Lot 1 and NEX to reach out to the public and raise support for children with special needs in RC. 

Ms Tan Sze Wee, Executive Director of Rainbow Centre Singapore, shared that they always look forward to having the student volunteers from NTU Hall 4 TOTs participate in the centre’s activities. She said, “What had started out three years ago as a small fundraising project has morphed into a partnership that has been sustained through a shared belief in the power of an inclusive community.”

Mr Lee Yao Zheng, President of NTU Hall 4 TOTs, shared that working alongside RC has provided the volunteers with the opportunity to engage with students with special needs and also allowed them to understand the students’ obstacles and appreciate the fierce fighting spirit ingrained in them. “We strongly believe that with the opportunities Rainbow Centre is rendering, the students can maximise their potential and surprise us beyond our expectations,” he added.

Throughout every school year, RC could count on NTU Hall 4 TOTs students for help when they have school events and needed additional big brothers and big sisters to accompany the children, as well as any organisational support. 

According to Mr Lee, having the privilege to go through tertiary education means that it is one’s duty to learn how and where to apply such knowledge to reality and help ease the lives of others. He further added, “Only by genuine volunteerism, without any anticipation of compensation, can we truly understand and help to resolve the daily difficulties faced by other individuals.”

The regular volunteerism over the last few years have built a special trust and bond amongst the NTU Hall 4 TOTs volunteers, RC children and staff to work closer as a community of support whenever needs arise. During RC’s recent fundraising campaign called Rainbow Chairity, the NTU Hall 4 TOTs volunteers were once again staunch supporters. They not only raised funds to contribute to the campaign, but also helped out in the back-end support, and served as project ambassadors for the public exhibition every single day during their school holidays.  

According to Ms Tan, the collaboration between RC and the NTU Hall 4 TOTs volunteers has been an extremely fruitful one. She added, “The volunteers are always patient and caring toward our students, and their youthful energy and humble servitude makes them good role models for our students."

Image: NTU Hall 4 TOTs volunteers at the launch of the Rainbow Centre fundraising event, “Rainbow Charity”. 

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