By Ng Aik Yang and Neo Qi Xun

Creasionaid brings together participants from different communities and let them see how their individual thoughts, dreams and culture play a part in creating ‘us’. That even in diversity, there are values or virtues that we embrace as a community that converge and form part of the larger Singaporean community.

Using facilitation techniques, participants experience and learn the power of creation instead of approaching issues from a point of scarcity. The idea is to build connections on similar grounds across diverse groups and through imagination, creation and play. The project believes that sharing of dreams and universal values are means to build the spirit of the Singapore community.

Participants include children, youths, elderly from elderly care homes, CDAC, Mendaki, SINDA and Korean International School.

Creasionaid will be carried out in 3 phases: 
(i) Visions- where participants synthesise their dreams and visions. This culminates in a problem-finding process where participants discover and effectively question their boundaries. 
(ii) Creations- over a course of 6 weeks, participants build a pet project based on the theme. During the same period, participants will be invited to hosted spaces to learn essential thinking habits that help mentor their imagination into actualisation.
(iii) Celebration- Participants and the public will display these creations.

Creasionaid will be hosting a festival to celebrate the creations of the communities. This festival will serve as a space for the communities to express themselves using pet projects that we would have built together with them prior to the event. 

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