The SGfuture engagement sessions provided a platform for Singaporeans to openly discuss their hopes and dreams for the next chapter of the nation’s story. More importantly, participants were encouraged to go one step further and turn their ideas into action by embarking on projects themselves. The series signalled the start of a journey in which Singaporeans would work together to co-create greater success beyond SG50.

From November 2015 to July 2016, a total of 121 engagement sessions were organised. More than 8,300 Singaporeans were involved in the sessions, with many going on to participate in national initiatives, volunteer with government agencies or non-profit organisations, or initiate ground-up projects to benefit the community.

The SGfuture Committee was co-chaired by Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Grace Fu and Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Chan Chun Sing. Engagement sessions were organised along four themes: A Caring Community; A Cleaner, Greener and Smarter Home; A Secure and Resilient Nation; and A Learning People.


Whether we’re young or old, we can all look beyond ourselves for ways to support one another. How do we grow as a caring and giving nation?

Amid our busy lives, it is easy to live in one’s own bubble. Yet there are individuals who have dedicated part of their lives to help the less-fortunate. 

Through the SGfuture engagements, participants reaffirmed their pride in Singapore’s racial and religious harmony, and expressed a commitment to build a more caring and and inclusive society. They felt empowered to take ownership for the community and work together to enhance a culture of giving. This is the foundation on which we aim to grow Singapore Cares (SG Cares) as a national movement to rally Singaporeans, and make sure no one is left behind, even as our nation progresses towards SG100.

SG Cares will tap on the diverse strengths of individuals, community partners and government initially to support three causes that resonated strongly with Singaporeans during the SGfuture engagements — supporting children and youths from disadvantaged families; aiding the elderly, and assisting the disabled. 

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We face the challenge of sharing our limited space and making it sustainable. What would it take for us to thrive as a city for all ages to live, work and play in?​

Singapore is widely known and admired for our clean environment and lush cityscape - yet beyond the work of our city planners, everyone has a part to play in building a cleaner, greener and smarter Singapore. Through the SGfuture engagements, participants applauded the Government’s efforts in creating a liveable and endearing home, and voiced a willingness to champion their own ground-up initiatives that contribute to a sustainable Singapore.

Participants took pride in calling this "City in a Garden" their home, and expressed a keen interest to play an active role in preserving greenery and the natural environment. They also shared their ideas to promote community bonding and bring vibrancy to shared community spaces. Lastly, they shared on innovative technologies we could tap on to create 'smart' towns which promote an eco-friendly lifestyle and gracious living.​

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We all want a home that’s safe and secure. How do we ensure that our way of life is maintained even as we prepare for the unexpected?​ 

With the rise of extremism, international terror attacks and political upheavals, it can be said that we live in uncertain times. Given our globalised world, Singapore is not immune to danger. When an attack happens, our community must be prepared to deal with it, stay united, and have the resilience to bounce back quickly and carry on with life.

The SGfuture engagements showed that Singaporeans saw the importance of safety and security as the bedrock of our nation’s stability and economic growth. ​Singaporeans wanted to play their part in keeping Singapore strong and resilient through Total Defence and remaining vigilant in their daily lives.

Singaporeans also recognised National Service as an essential component of nation-building, and our source of pride and strength. They expressed gratitude to all National Servicemen for their contributions towards our nation's defence. 

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No matter where we start in life, everyone deserves an equal shot at earning a living and pursuing our dreams. How can we make learning opportunities available to all?

Lifelong learning is imperative in these ever-changing and volatile times. With the advancement of technology and the changing economic structure, staying in the same career from graduation to retirement may no longer be possible. Beyond tests and exams, learning is a continuous pursuit of skills, knowledge and mastery that will allow us to be adaptable, and to tackle life's challenges with resilience and optimism. 

​Through the SGfuture engagements, participants embraced the notion of lifelong learning, where all individuals — regardless of their starting point —will have opportunities to deepen their knowledge in different ways, such as through reading clubs, peer teaching of skills, volunteering to gain hands-on experience, or building up shared information resources. Many proposals to make learning a a way of life arose organically from the session. These initiatives tap on the abundant assets and knowledge within the community, exemplifying the opportunity for greater community-based learning with technology as an enabler. These learning-based projects and ideas bring us closer to becoming a Learning People, where learning takes place across all ages, as a community, for a better tomorrow.

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