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New World New Life

New World, New Life Exhibition

19 Nov 2018 - 28 Apr 2019 (11.30am - 6.00pm)
To commemorate the Singapore Bicentennial, the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations is showcasing this exhibition as part of its Unsung Heroes series of events that pays tribute to our nation’s forefathers.

Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail

Monthly (10am to 12pm)
Tiong Bahru Community Club
Join us for a Heritage Tour of the Tiong Bahru estate, and learn about the interesting facts and history behind these prominent landmarks such as the Horseshoe terrace and the air raid shelter. Please check the details at http://mycommunity.org.sg
Arrivals statues

The Arrivals and Their Contributions

4 Jan - 31 Dec 2019
Uncover the stories behind the diverse cast of contributors who made their mark on Singapore from as early as 1299. See those we commemorate alongside Raffles throughout this bicentennial year and discover other men and women who have shaped our evolution.
Masjid Sultan

Tracing Roots – A Tour and Exploration of Masjid Sultan

9 Jan 2019 (2.00pm- 4.00pm)
As part of the Singapore Bicentennial, the Masjid Sultan will be organising a special tour for visitors to explore and trace the beginnings of this historical mosque built in 1824.
Ink Mountain

Ink Mountain Exhibition

18 Jan to 31 Mar 2019 (11.00am - 8.30pm Mondays to Fridays) (10.00am - 8.30pm Saturdays and Sundays)
In line with the Singapore Bicentennial, multi-hyphenate artist Mark Chan shares his imagination of historical kingdoms from the region in a painting titled 'Three Ships Srivijaya', among other works finessed in Chinese brush and ink on distressed paper. Together with Brian Gothong Tan, who has designed the exhibition space and video based on Chan's ink paintings, they have crafted an exhibition space that is more akin to a sanctuary than a commercial gallery.
Light To Night Festival 2019

Light to Night Festival 2019: Traces and Echoes

28 Jan - 24 Feb 2019 (5.00pm - midnight)
The Bicentennial Edition reflects on the nation’s journey through artworks that reimagine our past. These offer fresh perspectives on significant moments in our history that remain deeply emotional for many.

BALIKSG: Reflections of Singapore

28 Jan 2019 - 28 Jan 2021
Embark on an augmented reality experience journey along the Singapore River to revisit significant events in our history and meet the early settlers who called Singapore home.
i Light Singapore – Bicentennial Edition

i Light Singapore – Bicentennial Edition

28 Jan - 24 Feb 2019
The 2019 special edition entitled i Light Singapore – Bicentennial Edition will extend beyond the Marina Bay waterfront to the Civic District and Singapore River. It features interactive light art installations from around the world.
Launch of the Singapore Bicentennial

Launch of the Singapore Bicentennial

28 Jan 2019 (6:30 pm - 9:00 pm)
Explore our longer history through year-long events and activities. This is an opportunity to uncover the people and communities from our past whose contributions helped build the Singapore we know today.
Raffles in Southeast Asia

Raffles in Southeast Asia – Revisiting the Scholar and Statesman

1 Feb - 28 Apr 2019 (10.00am - 7.00pm Daily) (10.00am - 9.00pm Fridays)
This exhibition, co-curated with the British Museum and in conjunction with the Singapore Bicentennial, presents a multilayered picture of Raffles where his legacy is more complex than often understood.
River Hongbao

River Hongbao

3 - 10 Feb 2019 (2.00pm - 11.00pm Daily)
An extravaganza of lights, sights and sounds to usher in the Lunar New Year, the 2019 edition of River Hongbao will see the Singapore Bicentennial reflected in its themes.

Photography Competition - "Our Cultural Blend"

8 February to 3 April 2019
The Peranakan Culture, comprising a mix of the Chinese and Malay cultures, reflects the diversity of culture that Singapore embraces. Themed "Our Cultural Blend", all are welcome to join our Photography Competition and submit your photographs depicting the Peranakan Culture in Singapore. There will be two categories - Youth and Open; and you will stand a chance to win attractive prizes! Submit your photos to theperanakanproject@gmail.com now! Kindly include the following details in your submission: 1. Name 2. Contact Number 3. Email 4. Category (Open / Youth) 5. Photo Title & Caption
Holy Tree Sri Subramaniar Temple

The Sembawang Story

15 Feb - April 2019
A special photograph exhibition tracing the growth of Sembawang 200 years ago. The exhibition will feature photographs and maps from both the National Archives of Singapore as well as private collections. The free exhibition will run from the first week of February till April.
Chingay 2019 Logo

Chingay Parade 2019

15 - 16 Feb 2019 (Carnival opens from 3.30pm, Pre parade from 7.00pm, Parade from 8.00pm - 10.00pm)
As part of the year-long commemoration of the Singapore Bicentennial, Chingay Parade 2019 will open with a 270-metre long painting tracing the past, present and future of Singapore.
Yale NUS College The Future of Our Pasts

The Future of Our Pasts Festival Launch

16 Feb 2019 (1.00pm to 5.00pm)
In support of the Singapore Bicentennial, the Future of Our Pasts Festival seeks to promote a deeper understanding of, and contribute to ongoing dialogues around Singapore history. Through theatre, music, films, writing, installations and exhibitions, this showcase of commissioned works and events explore lesser-known stories of communities, spaces and individuals from our past.
URA-REDAS Spark Challenge 2019

URA-REDAS Spark Challenge 2019

19 Feb - end Sep 2019
The URA-REDAS SPARK Challenge organised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority and Real Estate Developers’ Association of Singapore(“Organiser”)is a yearly competition that seeks ground-up innovation to raise the quality of the built environment. It offers participants an opportunity to test and showcase their prototypes in commercial developments.
ORchard: A Stroll Between Valleys

ORchard: A Stroll Between Valleys

19 Feb - 14 Mar 2019
Outside Ngee Ann City
A public architectural installation unearthing the layers of history behind Orchard Road, accompanied by walking tours, between 9am to 12pm on 23 Feb and 9 Mar, incorporating the installation.
Reimagining Histories Further Beyond

Reimagining Histories | Further Beyond

19 Feb 2019 (7.00pm - 9.00pm)
Two filmmakers set out to research and dramatise the extraordinary story of Ambrose O’Higgins, an Irish farmer, who in 1751 journeyed to South America in search of adventure and eventually became the Governor of Chile.
Remembering Sungei Exhibition

Remembering Sungei

20 Feb - 3 Mar 2019
This exhibition examines the perceptions we have towards the value and heritage of material objects with Sungei Road Thieves Market as a main reference point.
Intimacies Exhibition

Intimacies Exhibition

21 Feb - 02 Mar 2019
The Substation
An exhibition approaching history from the intimate lives of historical actors, by examining remittance letters sent home by migrants in Singapore in the 20th Century.
Sarong Party

Sarong Party

22 Feb (7.30 - 9.30pm), 23 Feb (2.30 - 4.30pm & 7.30 - 9.30pm)
Lasalle College of the Arts - Flexible Performance Space
A tongue-in-cheek music performance and party examining our colonial legacy; featuring original compositions by The MadHatter Project.
"Being: Glad that I Live" Concert

"Being: Glad that I Live" Concert

23 Jan 2019 (2:30pm & 7:30pm)
Being: Glad that I Live is the opening concert of the school’s 120th anniversary held in conjunction with the Singapore Bicentennial. Celebrating the collaboration and talents of SCGS students, staff and alumnae, this whimsical, fantastical reimagining of an old tale is told with a distinctive SCGS flair.

Peranakan Food Photography Workshop (Mobile)

23 February 2019 (11am to 2pm)
Join us at our Peranakan Food Photography Workshop to learn how you can accentuate one's culture through photography. Learn mobile phone photography tips and techniques that you can apply on a daily basis!
Factory SuperWomen Film Screening

Factory (Super)Women

23 Feb 2019 (11.00am - 12.30pm)
Join us for a screening of short films on the untold stories of women who worked in factories in Singapore in the 1970s and 1980s.
Yale NUS College The Future of Our Pasts

There Was a Road Here

23 Feb - 2 Mar 2019 (9.00am - 12.00pm)
To be confirmed
In this walking tour, reclaim lost narratives of Singapore's neighbourhoods with historical significance.
Alternate Pasts: Politics of Commemoration of 1915

Alternate Pasts: Politics of Commemoration of 1915

27 Feb 2019 (7.30pm - 8.30pm)
Dr. Nurfadzilah Yahaya, Assistant Professor of History at the National University of Singapore, discusses the Sepoy Mutiny in Singapore in February 1915.
Reimagining Histories People Power Bombshell

Reimagining Histories | People Power Bombshell: The Diary of Vietnam Rose

28 Feb 2019 (7.00pm - 9:00pm)
This series of films features four feature-length ‘documentaries’ that interrogate specific national histories, from Ireland, USA, Cambodia and the Philippines.
First Storeys

First Storeys

1 Mar - 10 Mar 2019
300 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
A speculative theatrical installation surfacing less known stories of resettlement in Singapore from the 1950s to 1990s.
Boka di Stori Graphic Novel Book Launch and Eurasian Writers Panel

Boka di Stori Graphic Novel - Book Launch & Eurasian Writers’ Panel

1 Mar 2019 (6.30pm - 9.30pm)
Join us for the launch of 'Ki Sorti', a graphic novel on local Eurasian history, and an intimate conversation between Eurasian writers about their writing, race and identity.
First Storeys Forum Singapore Housing History

First Storeys Forum: Singapore Housing History

2 Mar 2019 (3:00 pm)
300 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Join our panellists as they explore Singapore’s housing history from different perspectives, and discuss the future of public housing in Singapore.
Ngua Korpu Ngua Kaza Exhibition

Ngua Korpu, Ngua Kaza (One Body, One Home)

2 - 5 Mar 2019 (12.30pm - 8.30pm)
Curated by the Boka di Stori team, the Ngua Korpu, Ngua Kaza Exhibition features snippets from the graphic novel, old cookbooks, trinkets and photographs.
Boka di Stori Prendeh Kristang A Beginners Kristang Class

Boka di Stori: Prendeh Kristang (A Beginner’s Kristang Class)

2 Mar 2019 (1.00pm - 3.00pm)
Join us for this beginner’s Kristang class to experience the vibrant heritage language of the Portuguese-Eurasians in Singapore and Malaysia.
Boka di Stori Cherki Class

Boka di Stori: Cherki Class

2 Mar 2019 (4.00pm - 6.00pm)
Play and learn more about "Chiki", a fast-paced card-game traditionally played by Eurasians, Hokkiens, Peranakans, and the Javanese.
Boka di Stori Trivia Night

Boka di Stori: Trivia Night

2 Mar 2019 (7.00pm - 9.00pm)
Join us for a fun and fact-filled trivia night to test your knowledge of Singapore's history.
First Storeys Workshop First Steps

First Storeys Workshop: First Steps

3 Mar 2019 (10:00 am)
300 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Step into the shoes of an urban planner, as you creatively explore Singapore's housing history and urban development in this workshop.
Boka di Stori A New History of Kristang in Singapore

Boka di Stori: A New History of Kristang in Singapore

3 Mar 2019 (2.00pm - 4.00pm)
Hear from Kodrah Kristang director, Kevin Martens Wong, who talks about previously unknown parts of the Kristang language's 200-year history in Singapore.
Boka di Stori Board Game Night

Boka di Stori: Board Game Night Ila-Ila di Sul (The Southern Islands)

3 Mar 2019 (4.30pm - 6.30pm)
Come seek some treasure as you play the very first Kristang-English board game, Ila-Ila di Sul, which was first developed for Kodrah Kristang classes.
Reimagining Histories Erase and Forget

Reimagining Histories | Erase and Forget

7 Mar 2019 (7.00pm - 9.00pm)
This series of films comprise four feature-length ‘documentaries’ that interrogate specific national histories, from Ireland, USA, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Streets of Clans 2019

8 March (5pm - 10pm) 9 & 10 March (11am - 10pm)
Bukit Pasoh Road
A vibrant creative festival inspired by clan values of unity and kinship, and brings together Bukit Pasoh's colourful history and Singapore's creative communities.

Singapore Heritage Festival

9 Mar - 23 Mar 2019
An island-wide celebration of Singapore’s heritage and culture, this festival features heritage trails, tours, open houses and performances in various locations and precincts around Singapore. As a nod to the Singapore Bicentennial, the Singapore Heritage Festival will collaborate with the Singapore Bicentennial Office to launch a series of projection installations titled Find Your Place in History - City Centre Edition.

Hwa Chong Travelling Exhibition

9 Mar 2019 (2pm to 5.30pm)
Displayed at Hwa Chong Institution, this exhibition, part of the Singapore Heritage Festival, focuses on the three Chinese pioneers, namely Mr Tan Kah Kee, Mr Lee Kong Chian and Mr Tan Lark Sye, who all contributed to the education scene in Singapore.
Hwa Chong Heritage Trail

Hwa Chong Heritage Trail

9 Mar 2019 (2pm to 4.30pm)
Held in conjunction with NHB Heritage Fest & The Singapore Bicentennial, this heritage trail gives members of the public the chance to learn more about developments in education in Singapore, as well as about the three Chinese pioneers who contributed to the education scene, and the significance of Hwa Chong Institution’s clock tower in Singapore history.

SB Exhibition @ Tampines

9 to 15 March 2019 (12pm to 10pm)
Singapore Bicentennial (SB) @ Tampines will capture reflections and stories at both the national and local level. In particular for the local level, iconic landmarks in Tampines such as the Round Market and the Chinese Temple will be featured, and residents will get to share their stories about growing up and living in Tampines.

Retracing Footsteps: From Chong Pang City to Chye Kay Village

9 to 10 March 2019 (9am to 9pm)
Blk 105 Yishun Ring Road Chong Pang Amphitheatre
Art and photo exhibition illustrating the olden Chong Pang/Nee Soon. At the event, nostaglic game booths are available for residents to try out.
First Storeys Forum Challenging the Nuclear Family

First Storeys Forum: Challenging the Nuclear Family

9 Mar 2019 (3:00 pm)
300 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Join our panellists as they discuss our current housing policies regarding non-nuclear families, and attempt to envision a more inclusive Singapore.
Project IDIOM

Project IDIOM Concert and Web Archive

9 Mar 2019 (1.30pm - 3.30pm & 7.00pm - 9.00pm)
Esplanade Recital Studio
Join us for a concert featuring pieces by local composers and the launch of a web repository on local classical music compositions.
Goh Loo Club and Tan Kah Kee Foundation Cultural Seminar - Singapore Bicentennial Edition

Goh Loo Club and Tan Kah Kee Foundation Cultural Seminar - Singapore Bicentennial Edition

10 March 2019 (2.00pm to 4.00pm)
Furama Riverfront Hotel
Goh Loo Club and Tan Kah Kee Foundation is organising a series of 12 Culture Seminars on topics dating back to the early 1800s. The Seminar will be held monthly from Jan to Dec 2019.
Rojak Romance

Rojak Romance

10 & 16 Mar 2019 (2.00pm - 3.30pm & 6.00pm - 7.30pm)
Rojak Romance follows the story of Tinesh and Jane, a young mixed-race couple speculating on how to exist in multicultural Singapore focused on the four main ethnic makeups. Following the film, there will be a post-screening dialogue with Tinesh, Jane, and the filmmakers.
MEANTIME Zine Launch, Exhibition

MEANTIME Zine Launch, Exhibition

10 Mar 2019 (1.00pm - 3.00pm)
Join us for the launch of MEANTIME, a zine of love stories from Singapore’s past.
Yale NUS College The Future of Our Pasts

The Art of Interpreting History

13 Mar (7.00pm - 8.30pm)
Explore artistic approaches to historical narratives in this panel discussion with Alfian Sa’at and Kate Pocklington.
Reimagining Histories Golden Slumbers

Reimagining Histories | Golden Slumbers

14 Mar 2019 (7.00pm - 9.00pm)
This series of films comprises four feature-length ‘documentaries’ that interrogate specific national histories, from Ireland, USA, Cambodia and the Philippines.
Find Your Place In History

Find Your Place in History

15 Mar - 07 Apr 2019 (Fri - Sun, 7:30pm - 11:30pm)
See the lesser known stories in Singapore’s vibrant history come alive in a series of seven light projection installations that takes place across the city centre.


15 Mar - 16 Mar 2019
Join us for the launch screening of Merged, an interactive documentary an exhibition, and two panel discussions. 'We no need no education' explores Singapore's changing education landscape, while 'What's in a Building?' examines the significance of physical space towards collective memory.

Guided Tours of Thian Hock Keng and the Wall Mural

16 Mar to 7 Apr 2019 (Weekends only)
Thian Hock Keng Temple
Built in 1840, the Thian Hock Keng Temple is a "living" testament to the dedication and commitment of our forefathers towards community development and social cohesion. Join the guided tours of the temple and the 3D wall mural to discover the treasures behind this architectural masterpiece, and the stories of our forefathers.

Builders of Singapore Heritage Trails - Indian Labourers Series

16 Mar 2019 (9.00am to 1.30pm)
In this guided trail, visit iconic sites built by Indian labourers during the 19th and 20th centuries. It is an opportunity to catch a glimpse of early Singapore and rediscover the immense contribution of these builders.
Yale NUS College The Future of Our Pasts

The Future Of Our Pasts - Festival Closing Reception & Public Reading

17 Mar 2019 (6.30pm - 8.30pm)
To mark the closing of our month-long event, there will be a reception accompanied by a public reading of selected works by participants and facilitators of the writing workshop series, Once More Upon a Time.

Harmony of Faiths Singapore Exhibition

18 to 31 Mar 2019 (11.00am to 9.00pm daily)
Far East Plaza
In this Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore (IRO) 70th anniversary exhibition titled "Harmony of Faiths Singapore", the history of the IRO is retired with references to leaders from before Singapore's independence. The exhibition shows how IRO has been actively building friendship and trust between the Singapore's diversity of religions.

Launch of Singapore City Gallery

20 Mar 2019 to 31 Dec 2019 (9am to 5pm)
45 Maxwell Road
Singapore City Gallery reopens with more interactive exhibits for visitors to discover our development journey including a new permanent exhibit that traces the country's evolution through maps. Open from Mondays to Saturdays, 9am to 5pm Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays Free admission

Five Footway Festival

23 to 24 Mar 2019 (1.00pm to 9.00pm)
Chinatown Street Market
Travel back in time to the olden streets in Chinatown where our forefathers lived, and soak in the atmosphere and heritage of the hawking scenes of yesteryear. All without a time-travel machine!
Nagore Dargah

ND 200 Photo Exhibition: From Singapore to Singaporeans - Pioneers and Descendants

23 Mar to 31 Dec 2019 (10.00am to 5.00pm)
This curated collection will see personal photos of modern-day Singaporeans matched with old black and white portraits of their pioneering grand or great-grandparents who first set foot on this land during the maritime era (pre-1965), especially between 1819 and 1919.
“In search of golden fortune” Heritage trail

“In search of golden fortune” Heritage trail

23 Mar, 30 Mar, 1 Jun, 14 Sep 2019 (5.00pm to 6.30pm)
A heritage trail that follows the fortunes of Singapore’s “Wall Street” from the time when it was first named Raffles Way in the Central Business District (CBD), popularly known as “Golden Shoe”.

Photo Walk - A Walk Through of Singapore's Peranakan Culture in Marine Parade & Joo Chiat

23 March 2019 (930am to 3pm)
Old Bibik's Peranakan Kitchen at 328 Joo Chiat Road
For all those who love the cultural vibe along with an exploration of the Peranakan History and Heritage in Singapore, you will discover hidden gems and private museum such as Katong Antique House, etc. during the Photo Walk. A Peranakan House Party will also be held in Joo Chiat CC where participants can immerse themselves in the many prominent Peranakan past-times and activities.

Railway Records

30 March 2019 (11am, 12pm, 1pm, 530pm, 615pm, 645pm)
Meeting point at black truss bridge on Bt Timah Road
Railway Records is made up of 5 dramatic and comedic monologues that span from 1903 (when our first railway system started) to present day 2019 (where railway system has greatly evolved). Come enjoy 5 stories that will have you laughing, thinking, and remembering, as we present to you snippets of our lives in Singapore, over the last 115 years. Entry is free.

Kurun Yang Hilang (The Lost Century)

5 and 6 Apr 2019 (8.00pm to 9.30pm)
Republic Polytechnic
Staged by Republic’s Polytechnic’s Pentas Karyawan, and written and directed by Anwar Hadi Ramli, KURUN YANG HILANG (THE LOST CENTURY) will feature events that happened during the reign of the 5 kings in Singapura from 1299AD to 1398AD.

My Dawson Heritage Tour

6 Apr to 1 Dec 2019 (Every first weekend of the month)
Queenstown MRT Station
My Dawson heritage tour recounts the history of Singapore’s first satellite town, Queenstown, from a modern residential town in 1959 to the founding of the port city in 1819. The guided tour weaves in interesting stories from the nutmegs and rubber plantations, to botanic garden and military encampments.

Singapore Bicentennial Roadshows

13 Apr - 11 Aug 2019 (11:00am - 9:00pm)
A series of roadshows and ground-up projects that explore Singapore’s longer history.

Diversity and Singapore Ethnic Chinese Communities - International Conference

13 to 14 Apr 2019 (9.30am to 6.00pm)
The conference brings together over 20 Singaporean academics from local and overseas tertiary institutions. The conference’s five panels will examine different aspects of the Singapore Chinese community, namely, identity, religion, literature, language and popular culture. Concluding the conference is a roundtable discussion with researchers of local Malay and Indian cultures, which explores the challenges of promoting ethnic culture and heritage in this new era and multicultural Singapore.

Swing Singapore Challenge - Singapore Bicentennial Edition

15 Apr - 20 Jul 2019
Interested in creating something creative to commemorate Singapore's rich history? Youth participants (13-19 years) are invited to create an event, video, activity, App or any other format to showcase Singapore’s history beyond 200 years through their creative lens.

"Unsung Heroes" Seminar - 从出土文物谈新加坡700年

20 April 2019 (1.30pm to 4.00pm)
In line with its Unsung Heroes programme series, the SFCCA is organising a seminar where subject matter experts will be invited to speak on topics relevant to Singapore's history.

Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC Bicentennial Roving Exhibition

24 Apr - 28 Apr 2019
Open Space at Blk 160 Woodlands St 13
The “Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC Bicentennial Roving Exhibition” aims to provide an opportunity for residents to reflect and look deeply at Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC history. The Pop Up event will also promote the upcoming Bicentennial Play production on 18 May 2019 by showcasing the local and professional talented cast.
Aurora Orchestra

Aurora Orchestra Concert

Visit of Aurora Orchestra as part of the Shaw Foundation/Yong Siew Toh (YST) Conservatory’s Ones to Watch series.
The Green Snapshots Trail (Bicentennial Edition)

The Green Snapshots Trail (Bicentennial Edition)

27 Apr & 13 Jul (8.00am - 10.30am)
The trail is a learning journey to appreciate the rich and green heritage of Telok Blangah District and Southern Ridges. Our student-docents will provide an in-depth sharing of the flora and fauna. They will also share about the area’s history, unique architecture and development over the years. Participants will be engaged in hands-on activities.

The Passage of Time through Kampong Chai Chee

27 April 2019 (11am to 2pm)
Learn about the history of Bedok through artwork contributed by the local community! Pick up interesting factoids and find out how you can be a part of the exciting murals and art trails coming soon. For more information, please contact Kampong Chai Chee CO at 62419878

The Peranakan Festival

27 April 2019 (11am to 3pm)
Wisma Geylang Serai
Join us in celebrating the Peranakan Culture and Heritage in Singapore through a series of Peranakan-inspired fringe activities, stage programmes and curated workshops. Winning works from the photography competition themed, "Our Cultural Blend" will also be exhibited.
Goh Loo Club and Tan Kah Kee Foundation Cultural Seminar - Singapore Bicentennial Edition

Goh Loo Club and Tan Kah Kee Foundation Cultural Seminar 4 – Singapore Bicentennial Edition

28 April 2019 (2.00pm to 4.00pm)
National Library Building (Basement 1)
The development of modern Singapore as a prosperous city cannot be understood without tracing the historical path in the socio-economic formation of its migrant society. Let us pay tribute to these personages as we review Singapore’s history from its early establishment to the period of nation-building.

#OurBicentennialReflections Video Challenge

1 May - 6 Sep 2019
The Institute of Policy Studies is organising The Singapore Bicentennial Conference, which will be held on 30 Sep 2019 and 1 Oct 2019. It will examine not only Singapore's 200 -year history since Stamford Raffles arrived in 1819, but will also delve into Singapore's pre-colonial past and the lessons our history may hold for the future. Take part in #OurBicentennialReflections Video Challenge to stand chance to win a seat at the Conference!

Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC Bicentennial Roving Exhibition

1 May - 5 May 2019
Hardcourt next to Yew Tee MRT station
The “Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC Bicentennial Roving Exhibition” aims to provide an opportunity for residents to reflect and look deeply at Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC history. The Pop Up event will also promote the upcoming Bicentennial Play production on 18 May 2019 by showcasing the local and professional talented cast.

The Kallang Story: A Sports, Arts and Heritage Trail

Launched on 12 May 2019
Singapore Sports Hub
The Kallang Story: A Sports, Arts and Heritage Trail is a 3lm walking trail celebrating Kallang's rich heritage and Singapore's sporting achievements.

Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC Bicentennial Community Play "MY Bridge of Light"

18 May 2019 [3pm - 4pm (Matinee Show) 8pm – 9pm (Gala Show)]
The Republic Polytechnic Cultural Centre
Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC presents a community play production which showcases a creative storyline of traveling back in time and using the olden days of the GRC as a backdrop. Watching the journey through the play, audiences get to appreciate the importance of trust, teamwork and multiculturalism. Tickets are available at Woodgrove CC at $8 each. For more details, please call Woodgrove CC at 6366 9010 for details.

Bishan-Toa Payoh Commemorates Singapore Bicentennial 2019

25 May 2019 (9am to 3pm)
Bishan Community Club
Calling all friends and family members to form a team of 4-6 to participate in our Amazing Race competition where we get to learn more interesting facts and history behind prominent landmarks through fun and laughter. For those young at heart, fret not as we do have heritage trails suitable for all ages. Did you know that Kwong Wai Siew Pek San Teng existed back in the 1870s as a cemetery? Please keep a lookout on our Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC facebook page for more details regarding tickets for the guided heritage tour and Amazing Race. (More details will be available in early April 2019)

Trace your Heritage @ Whampoa

25 May 2019 (9am to 12pm)
Kallang Community Club
Snap photos of heritage places in Whampoa! Join us in our Photography Competition and share your perspective of Whampoa through the various landmarks. With attractive prizes to be won! In addition, there will be a Heritage Carnival with nostalgic games, cultural food and stage performances for all to enjoy!

Buona Vista and Queenstown Heritage Trail Amazing Race

25 May 2019 (9am to 12pm)
Open Space outside Sheng Siong Supermarket at Blk 88 Tanglin Halt
For the Heritage Trail Amazing Race, teams will have to answer questions based on the history and heritage of Buona Vista and Queenstown before they are given clues to their next check point. The race will help residents understand the rich culture and history of the various sites, especially for the younger generation. For registration or enquiry, please contact Buona Vista CC at 67774169 and Leng Kee CC at 64735007

"Our Stories of Buona Vista and Queenstown" - Family Carnival

25 May 2019 (11am to 130pm)
Open Space outside Sheng Siong Supermarket at Blk 88 Tanglin Halt
"Our stories of Buona Vista and Queenstown" depicts the past and present of both constituencies with fun-filled games, food kiosks and interesting facts about My Queenstown, Holland Village, Red bricks houses at Holland Drive and other iconic landmarks. It is a family carnival which serves as a platform for the young and the seniors to appreciate the history of Buona Vista and Queenstown and enjoy the fun activities simultaneously. For registration or enquiry, please contact Buona Vista CC at 67774169 and Leng Kee CC at 64735007.

Bicentennial Heritage Tour

25 May 2019 (9am to 1pm)
Changi-Simei CC
Join us in visiting the historical spots in Changi and reliving the past! These sites include the Johore Battery, NEWater Plant, Changi Chapel, Old Changkat Changi School Sites, and more! Bus tour and lunch is included.

Happily, Ever After: Then and Now

26 May 2019 (9am to 1230pm)
Teck Ghee Community Club
Calling out to residents of Ang Mo Kio GRC and Sengkang West SMC! Come journey through the times with us as we explore the Wedding Ceremonies and Customs of times long gone to modern day today. See it and hear it for yourself as we explore the evolution of wedding customs of various racial groups from the 1920s to 2017. Share with us your nostalgic photographs of Ang Mo Kio and be a part of this experience!

Kolam Ayer - Our Home by The Kallang River - Past, Present and Future

28 May to 30 June 2019 (10am to 9pm)
Come join us to learn more about the happenings of the Kallang River 700 years ago. Besides, you will also get to know more about the present and future of Kallang River through our exhibition. If you are keen in a Heritage Trail, please contact Kolam Ayer CC.

Freemasons Hall Open House

1 Jun - 30 Jun 2019
Just for the month of June, the Masonic Hall Board are opening their doors for a free tour.

Radin Mas Heritage Trail - Iconic Landmarks Past and Present

1 June 2019 (9am to 12pm)
Radin Mas Community Club
Come and join us as we tour the present and past iconic landmarks in Radin Mas, which together depict the developments in the area and the progress that the nation has made over the years. Learn more about the interesting facts and history behind these prominent landmarks such as Kampong Radin Mas, the black-and-white bungalows, Carmelite Monastery and many more. You may approach Bukit Merah CC and Radin Mas CC for more details regarding tickets for the guided heritage tour at 6474 1097 and 6273 5294 respectively.
Cold Storage Kids Run

Cold Storage Kids Run

2 Jun 2019 (8.00am - 11.00am)
Singapore's First Kids-Focused running event, Cold Storage Kids Run, is back on 2 June!
200: A Natural History

200: A Natural History

3 June 2019 (10.00am - 7.00pm)
This exhibition will for the first time bring together the most significant events, places and people that have shaped two centuries of Singapore’s natural history, through an exhibition and an accompanying book interpreting a diverse array of anecdotal and scientific histories intertwined with the cultural heritage of Singapore.
Istana Open House

Istana Open House

5 Jun 2019 (8.30am to 6.00pm)
Step onto the hallowed grounds of the Istana on Hari Raya for a special Open House in conjunction with the Singapore Bicentennial. Tuck into forgotten dishes of the past in our food heritage showcase. Be immersed in various performances from local schools. Or explore a slew of activities organised by our community associations.

Author Meet : John Greenwood

8 June 2019 (4pm to 6pm)
National Library Building (Basement 1)
Moderated by Dr Kirpal Singh, join Professor John D Greenwood as he introduces some of the characters in his novels Singapore Saga Vol 1 & 2, through selective readings, discussion on his inspirations and research.

Row for Hope Boat Races

8 Jun - 8 Jun 2019
The 4th annual Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge alumni in Singapore took place on Saturday 8 June 2019. As in previous years, Oxbridge Singapore partnered with National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) in organising this charity event aimed at raising awareness and funds for cancer care and survivorship - the Row for Hope Boat Races.
ciNE65 Festival 2019: Singapore Short Films Screening

ciNE65 Festival 2019: Singapore Short Films Screening

8 June 2019 (12.00pm - 4.00pm)
Join us for a screening of short films curated around the themes of home, community and being Singaporean. The programmes include award-winning local short films and commissioned films from current or earlier ciNE65 editions – a heartwarming selection of films that will delight audiences of all ages.

Heritage Bus Tours

15 Jun - 27 Jul 2019
This free guided tour is a round island bus tour to experience the old Sentosa and its colonial past. Journey in time with our passionate guide and rediscover Sentosa.
[READ! FEST 2019] British Malayan Cuisine

[READ! FEST 2019] British Malayan Cuisine

22 June 2019 (4.00pm - 6.00pm)
Ever wondered what the food culture was like back in the colonial days when migrants from Britain, Sri Lankan and the Straits of Malaya landed in Singapore? An esteemed panel of food personalities featuring Damian D'Silva, Christopher Tan, Han Li Guan and Jeremy Nguee reminisce and share their points of view.

Down the Memory Lane @ Kebun Baru

22 June 2019 (9am to 12pm)
Kebun Baru Community Club
Showcasing Singapore’s most unique histories in Kebun Baru through technology. The event allows Singaporeans to learn the rich history of Kebun Baru that the public may not know about. Using AR technology to bring history alive to the residents, the event will allow residents to understand and reflect more on Kebun Baru’s history. Participants can also scan or hover over the photos and videos will play on their mobile phones, making history alive! Come join us! You may call Kebun Baru CC at 6457 7379 or visit us at 216 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 Singapore 569897.

Tampines Odyssey Amazing Race

22 June 2019 (930am to 6pm)
Start from Film Garde cinema (Century Square Shopping Mall)
The proposed concept is similar to an amazing race where participants in groups of 3 to 5 will use clues that will bring them around iconic or significant landmarks in Tampines. At each station, participants will also perform tasks with some Bicentennial elements, such as kampong games or jobs carried out in the past. Registration will be required (To form a team of 3 to 5 pax). To register, participants need to go to this page: www.tinyurl.com/tampodyssey19

Remembering Rail Corridor

22 June 2019 (10am to 1pm)
1 Bukit Timah Railway Station
To share the history of the rail corridor and Ulu Pandan with the community, as well as its existence and significance in transforming Singapore from its early days in 1900s to the modern Singapore we have today. This will be shared through a guided tour with the display of exhibition panels and some nostalgic games, food and beverage stalls.

Leader & Legislator: Seah Liang Seah - A Book Talk by Shawn Seah

23 June 2019 (12pm to 2pm)
Join us at the Black Box at Fort Canning Centre on 23 June (Sunday) from 12 to 2pm to engage Shawn Seah, author of "Seah Eu Chin - HIs Life & Times" and "Leader & Legislator - Seah Liang Seah".


6pm – 9.30pm (Launch day: 29 Jun) 12.00pm – 8.00pm (30 Jun – 2 Jul)
Community Plaza at Kampung Admiralty
Learn about the history of Sembawang GRC, significant landmarks and the way of life in the past at the interactive 4-day exhibition at Kampung Admiralty! You will be fascinated to discover the various remnants from the past that still and in Sembawang today.There will be exhibits which will fascinate you, games to win attractive prizes and performances including Crosstalk. There will also be Heritage Tours arranged for interested persons on 30 June 2019. This is a free admission event. For more information, please contact the below Sembawang GRC CCs: ACE The Place CC at 6891 3430 Canberra CC at 6755 6369 Nee Soon Spring CC at 6684 1827 Sembawang CC at 6752 7212 Woodlands CC at 6368 9938 Woodlands Galaxy CC at 6366 2218
Together, A New Beginning

Together, A New Beginning

5 July 2019 (7.00pm - 9.00pm)
Held in support of the Singapore Bicentennial, this musical production by students of Casuarina Primary School, tells a story of them travelling through time to meet the founders and significant pioneers of Singapore. Through their travel, they learn the importance of embracing change and diversity in their quest to build a new beginning.
[READ! FEST 2019] Place Memories in Comics: Spotlight on Comic Artist Koh Hong Teng

[READ! FEST 2019] Place Memories in Comics: Spotlight on Comic Artist Koh Hong Teng

Discover one of Singapore's foremost comic artists, Koh Hong Teng, whose works are often an ode to places of heritage in Singapore.
[READ! FEST 2019] Our Culinary Roots, the Singapore Stories

[READ! FEST 2019] Our Culinary Roots, the Singapore Stories

6 July 2019 (4.30pm - 6.30pm)
How much we do know about Singapore's food heritage? An esteemed panel of food critics and chefs featuring Devagi Sanmugam, Rita Zahara and Violet Oon will take you through the past and present of our food history and share their take on what we can do for preservation.

Singapore Food Festival

12 Jul - 28 Jul 2019
Savour Singapore in every bite at the annual Singapore Food Festival.
[READ! FEST 2019] Pipa Tsai and Cabaret Girls: Lives of Women in the Entertainment Industries of Early Singapore

[READ! FEST 2019] Pipa Tsai and Cabaret Girls: Lives of Women in the Entertainment Industries of Early Singapore

13 July 2019 (2.00pm - 3.30pm)
Moderated by Constance Singam, this panel brings together authors such as Adeline Foo, Charmaine Leung and Suchen Christine Lim, who write about the women working in the teahouses, cabarets and clubs of Singapore from the 1930s to 1970s. Their narratives range from personal memoirs, literary fiction to research-based non-fiction.

Communities of our Home: From e-book to physical guided trails

13 July 2019 (3pm to 6pm)
Telok Blangah Community Club

Boon Lay Heritage Trees

13 July 2019 (6pm to 9pm)
Adjacent to 210 Boon Lay Place
Walk down Boon Lay's memory lane and retrace its history from the 1850s through prominent landmarks such as Savoy theatre, Boon Lay Swimming Pool and Boon Lay Shopping Centre, and learn more about the pioneer Chew Boon Lay and how his contributions laid the foundations for Boon Lay as we know it today.

The Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre Memory Lane and Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery

14 July 2019 (830am to 1230pm)
The Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery and Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre (KAPT) Exhibition Walkway is an exhibition that showcases the Social and Place History of the early settlement village for the Chinese in the precursor of early Chinatown. The exhibition will be dated back to the 1900s and provide a recollection of activities by the Chinese settlers such as Traders, Chinese Coolies, Ma Jie (domestic servants) and Samsui Women in the early days at Chinatown old streets. The walkway will also highlight the chronological development of KAPT from an open space stage to the current fully air-conditioned theatre. KAPT was built by public donations. Chinese opera had been a source of popular public entertainment in Singapore since the early colonial period. This declined from the 1950s to 1960s. The KAPT that opened in 1969 gave a boost to the revival of the local Chinese opera scene. The Kreta Ayer Heritage Gallery will display the rich intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese through exhibits donated or loaned from the community to showcase the Traditional Arts & Culture such as Chinese Opera, Chinese Puppetry, Nanyin Music, Chinese Calligraphy and Painting and Tea Appreciation Arts. This exhibition will be launched in 14 July 2019, as part of the Singapore Bicentennial Commemoration, and will be on-going for a year. The committee aims to inspire our children and youths, in particular, to explore and appreciate our local heritage, arts and culture; and to engage visitors to appreciate the unique heritage of our neighbourhood by reconnecting with these stories. You can approach Kreta Ayer CC at 228A Kreta Ayer Rd S088995 or call 62223597 for more details.

Exploring Yishun @ Nee Soon Central

14 July 2019 (430pm to 830pm)
Yishun Town Square at 3 Northpoint Drive
This event will be combined together with a durian residents gathering event. During this combined event, residents will be invited to view the heritage garden on the history of Nee Soon or take part in a treasure hunt which they can find the answers in the heritage garden near to the event site. Quizzes on the history of Nee Soon will take place during the event too. You can approach Nee Soon Central CC at 1 Northpoint Drive #01-201 Singapore 768019 or 6752 7687 for more details regarding event.

Nee Soon South Mural Launch

14 July 2019 (8am to 1130am)
Blk 813 Yishun Ring Road
Come join us in the 4th edition launch of the Nee Soon South Mural Town Launch to learn more about the history of Yishun and Khatib; prominent historyical areas such as the Sembawang Hot Springs, Nee Soon's very own pineapple plantation will be featured!
[READ! Fest] Capturing the Streets and Places of Old Singapore

[READ! Fest] Capturing the Streets and Places of Old Singapore

19 July 2019 (7.00pm - 8.30pm)
National Library (Possibility Room)
As Singapore's landscape continues to evolve rapidly, pictorial publications and photographic blogs play a significant role in recording our physical heritage as well as telling the stories of the individuals and communities behind the places. Join writers Julian Davison (Black and White, Singapore Shophouse), Lai Chee Kien (Singapore, Then and Now; Through the Lens of Lee Kip Lin), and Jerome Lim, blogger of The Long and Winding Road as they talk about their passion in keeping our heritage alive.

Methodist Girls’ School Musical - For Such A Time As This

Set in Singapore in the 1940s and inspired by the book of Esther in the bible, this original musical is about a girl named May from Methodist Girls' School, who would change the story of her life with the courage to speak up and act on what is right.

SNYCO Annual Concert: Exuberance of Youth IV

This July, discover a colourful cultural tapestry of music repertoire that celebrates the uniquely Singaporean youth identity. Immerse in musical masterpieces by the various Chinese dialect groups in Singapore such as the much-anticipated collaboration with Siong Leng Musical Association to perform The Magnificent Steeds by SCO composer-in-residence Law Wai Lun, savouring the iconic Cantonese musical flavour in Rhyme of Canton by Chang Ping, as well as Medley of Hakka Tunes by Lo Leung-Fai. Furthermore, explore the Peranakan-influenced A Ditty of Nonya composed by SCO yangqin musician Ma Huan and Pelayaran (Voyage), a cultural fusion of oud and pipa with orchestra by Wang Chenwei featuring SNYCO pipa principal Chen Xinyu and guest musician Teo Yu Yao on the oud.
[READ! FEST 2019] Tracing Your Family Roots

[READ! FEST 2019] Tracing Your Family Roots

Interested in exploring your family history or creating your own family tree? Come hear from the Genealogy Society Singapore on how to get started, meet someone who is in the midst of discovering their family lineage and find out about resources from the National Archives of Singapore that can help you along the way.

Past, Present & Future: Commemorating the Singapore Bicentennial by Methodist Girls’ School

20 July - 31 December 2019
King Albert Park MRT Station DT6, Bukit Timah Road
This portraiture wall comprises 200 art pieces capturing the faces of our nation through the eyes of Primary 4 students of MGS. From the past, our pioneers who have painstakingly built the Singapore dream; from the present, Singaporeans who have inspired and galvanised this dream to greater heights; from the future, the rich imagination and aspirations of our youth to chart and explore new paths and frontiers.

Pasir Ris-Punggol Inter-Racial & Religious Harmony Street Parade 2019 (Bicentennial Edition)

21 July 2019 (5pm to 9pm)
Road along Blk 173A to 175D Punggol Field
Come join us for a fun-filled day at the Pasir Ris - Punggol Inter-Racial & Religious Harmony Street PArade 2019 (Bicentennial Edition). The carnival aims to promote racial and religious harmony alongside Singapore's 200 years of history, bringing a nostalgic touch to the participants. The Carnival will include local traditional and multicultural delicacies and carnival rides for residents. There will be a series of exhibition panels showcasing the past, present and future of Pasir Ris - Punggol. There will also be a street parade which will include bicentennial-themed performances from neighbouring schools. You can approach Punggol 21 CC at 80 Punggol Field or 63120508 for more details regarding ticket details.

7th Goh Loo Club and TKK Foundation Cultural Seminar Series – Singapore Bicentennial Edition

21 July 2019 (2.30pm - 4.30pm)
New life of the old Chinese community Since the establishment of Singapore's port, the Chinese community formed numerous associations and organizations for the welfare and survival of the Chinese community. Over time, these associations and organizations have gone through a lot transformation. Using the Thong Chai Medical Institution (established in 1867) and the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (established in 1906) as examples, Dr Lee will describe the changes these Chinese associations and organizations have experienced over time, and their new experiences in this new era.

None of This Came Easy

In commemoration of Singapore Bicentennial
A gift to Singapore as part of commemorating our bicentennial, local musician, song writer and producer Clement Chow presents "None of This Came Easy". The music video follows Zaihar as he learns how Singapore overcame turbulent years to get to where we are today.

Bukit Batok Commemorating The Bicentennial

27 July 2019 to 10 Aug 2019 (Whole day)
630 Bukit Batok Central
A joint project with students from Bukit Batok Secondary School to document the heritage of Bukit Batok Community and to trace how the name of Bukit Batok, which in English literally means "coughing hill", came about. In addition, this project will also feature prominent personalities of Bukit Batok that will provide an opportunity to inspire our students as well as Bukit Batok residents. The heritage gallery will be set up in the school and roved across the four decentralised National Day Dinners in August 2019.

Teochews of Hougang

27 July 2019 (2pm to 6pm)
Open Field next to Hougang MRT
Join us in a journey of Teochews from China in the 1800s. Many of these Teochews moved to the Hougang area then. Hougang had many Teochew immigrants, who were great contributors to Singapore. Travel back in time where street wayangs, itinerant Chinese medicine men and story tellers spinning yarns in one of the biggest Teochew Village of Tua Jia Kha or Sompah Serangoon Village at Hougang Street 21. This event will be open to the public and no registration is required.

Eurasian Festival 2019

27 Jul 2019 (2.00pm - 6.00pm)
Learn more about our Eurasian culture and history through dance, food, and music. The festival aims to celebrate the progress of the Eurasian Association over the last 100 years, and how it has improved the lives of Eurasians through education and welfare. It also celebrates the contributions of Eurasians to nation-building.

Rediscovering our Home @ Chua Chua Kang GRC & Hong Kah North SMC

27 July 2019 (12pm to 6pm)
Keat Hong Community Club Level 1 Atrium
Did you know that tigers used to roam around the various forests in Singapore, especially in Bukit Timah, Chua Chu Kang and Yio Chu Kang, and the last wild tiger was shot by hunters at Chua Chua Kang in 1930s? Did you also know that despite being an urban city, we still have several farms here in Singapore? Come take part in a heritage tour around the estate of Chua Chu Kang GRC and Hong Kah North SMC to discover the untold stories and interesting facts about the landmarks. Join us for a Heritage Fiesta for a fun and meaningful afternoon with traditonal food, interactive activities and a walk down memory lane. For more information, please email to PA_chuachukangcc@pa.gov.sg

Potong Pasir Heritage Trail

28 July 2019 (9am to 1pm)
Open Field in front of Blk 142 Potong Pasir Ave 3
Do you know that Potong Pasir, means ‘cut sand’ in Malay? Potong Pasir was a major sand quarry from the early 1900s to the 1950s. There were also many agricultural activities in the 1970s! Being a low-lying area, flooding was also a major concern in Potong Pasir and villagers would take refuge in the nearby school situated on higher grounds. Come and join us in our guided tour and exhibitions to find out more about the interesting stories and heritage.

Singapore International Arts Festival

3rd August 2019: 9am to 1pm; 4th August 2019: 5pm to 8pm
Singapore Botanic Gardens
SinArt brings to 2019 an international arts competition for kids as well as a mesmerising concert in the beautiful Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Recollecting our Past, Embracing our Future @ Nee Soon East

3 August 2019 (6pm to 930pm)
Open Field behind Yishun North NPC at 31 Yishun Central
Recollecting our Past, Embracing our Future @ Nee Soon East (RPEF @ NSE) aims to bring Yishun residents back on a journey of exploration, discovery and appreciation of the heritage / culture that we have in northern enclave of Singapore. Held on 3 August 2019 at the open field behind Yishun North NPC, RPEF @ NSE is part of the annual National Day Celebrations (i.e. National Day Carnival) at Nee Soon East, that has consistently attracted more than 4,000 residents for the past two years. This is a free admission event.

8th Goh Loo Club and TKK Foundation Cultural Seminar Series – Singapore Bicentennial Edition

3 August 2019 (2pm - 4.30pm)
Transformation and Construction of Chinese Culture and Identity in Singapore When Singapore was opened as a free port in the early 19th century, it attracted migrants from China, South Asia, as well as the neighbouring Malay archipelago. Each immigrant group brought with them their respective native cultures when they settled down in their new chosen land. Such cultural heritage was essential as a resource to cope with the new environment. They went through a process of adaptation and adjustment that involved both retention of the old and transformation into new forms. Soon new cultural traits emerged, reflecting a fusion of both the culture of origin, and elements of new local (Singaporean) cultural features.

Our Past, Present and Future - A Family Carnival

4 August 2019 (830am to 1pm)
Henderson Community Club
Learn and reminisce the history and interesting facts of iconic landmark in the area such as the Great World Amusement Park, Hill Street Police Station, Central Fire Station, Fort Canning with fun-filled games, food of yesteryear for the families at the family carnival. For any enquiry, please contact Henderson CC at 62710168.

Bedok NDOC - 18 19

4 Aug 2019 (9am to 12pm)
Amphitheatre next to Blk 15 Bedok South Road
18 19 embraces the 200 years of historical transformation of Singapore. With its rich history and heritage, Bedok is filled with iconic food places and countless human interests stories that we aim to bring to life on 4 August 2019. Together with National Day Observance Ceremony, we want our residents to be in unison as one Bedok as we commemorate our past 200 years back and look to the future 200 years ahead with the aid of digital technology. For more details, please approach Bedok CC at 850 New Upper Changi Road, Singapore 467352 or call 64425317

Launch of "Singapore Through Children's Eyes" Coffee Table Book

6 Aug - 12 Aug 2019
Blangah Rise Primary School
Learn how Singapore is seen through the eyes of children. Pick up a copy of the coffee table book entitled “Singapore Through Children’s Eyes”, produced by the children of Blangah Rise Primary School and MOE Kindergarten @ Blangah Rise. A large part of the book is devoted to the history of Telok Blangah, which is where the school is located.

Commemorating Singapore Bicentennial – Our Yuhua, Our Story

9 Aug 2019 (730am to 11am)
Yuhua Community Club
Residents will be able to walk down the memorary lane as they relive the memories through the display of old photos and stories of Jurong and Yuhua. In the meantime, residents are also able to enjoy performances from different ethnic groups in our hall in celebration of National Day and commemoration of Bicentennial. Lastly, there will also be traditional game booths where everyone can have a blast playing. Stay tuned to our facebook "The Yuhua Family" for more details. We will be selling tickets really soon.

CultureScope: Bicentennial Edition

8.30am to 4.00pm
Embark on an experiential learning journey with us and engage in heart-to-heart conversations with community leaders at the Sri Thendayuthapani Temple and the Thian Hock Keng Temple! Learn more about Singapore’s multicultural heritage and how our social landscape has evolved over the past 200 years.

FOR LOVE SHINES: An Ode to 200 Years of Philanthropy in Singapore

21 Aug - 31 Oct 2019
Temasek Shophouse
Temasek Shophouse in partnership with NUS ACSEP presents the exhibition FOR LOVE SHINES: An Ode to 200 years of Philanthropy in Singapore to celebrate the spirit of kindness, love and philanthropy.

Celebrate Singapore Sunset Movie

31 August 2016 (4pm to 8pm)
Bedok Reservoir Park(Carpark A)
We are organising our quarterly Sunset Movie Nite on 31 Aug to commemorate National Day and Fathering Month and on 23 Nov to celebrate family bonding. Our quarterly events provide great opportunity for community bonding and for them to enjoy waterfront lifestyle activities at the park with their loved ones too. At the upcoming Celebrate Singapore Sunset Movie, we welcomed families to the range of exciting family activities organised: National Library Board sharing interesting story telling of Singapore’s fables and history, Singapore Bicentennial Colouring Corner. Lastly, Parent and Child Kampong Games Challenge, where parent/guardian participate with their child in an interesting kampong/retro games.

Why Commemorate 1819? Reflections on Singapore Bicentennial

31 August 2019 (2pm - 7pm)
This event is open to everyone, and will have an educational focus. We will be exploring the life history of Sir Stamford Raffles and his relevance to the Singapore Story, the importance of British-Singapore friendship and what it means for us today.

City Hall: If Walls Could Talk

1 Sep 2019 to 29 Aug 2021 (Open from Saturdays to Thursdays, 10am to 7pm and on Fridays from 10am to 9pm)
Embark on an immersive multimedia journey at City Hall: If Walls Could Talk, and watch the history of City Hall come to life.

The Last Gap

6 Sep - 8 Sep 2019
University Cultural Centre (UCC) Dance Studio
The Last Gap is a walking ‘show-performance’ tour by Sean Cham that traces the February 1942 battle that was fought on the former Pasir Panjang Ridge, which is now the site of NUS Kent Ridge campus. Guests will be guided through various sites that mark the final battle, before the Allied surrender and occupation by Japanese forces.

Singapore Environmental Journey Workshop

6 Sept 2019 (6.00pm to 8.15pm)
Learn about the wonderful environmental journey and what we have been through, from all the way back to our great grandfather times till now and how far we have come. What are the exciting future environmental plans can you look forward to in Singapore?

Uncovering The Story of Singapore's First Sikh - The Saint Soldier

Join in the pre-launch of the documentary, The Saint Soldier - uncovering the story of Singapore's first Sikh; Bhai Maharaj Singh!

Bicentennial Legal Heritage Trail

9 to 13 Sep 2019 (2pm-3pm; 230pm-330pm; 430pm-530pm; 5pm-6pm)
Take a trip down memory lane in this photo album and discover how courthouse architecture has evolved from 200 years ago. Retrace the building blocks of Singapore’s judiciary system at the Bicentennial Legal Heritage Trail @National Gallery Singapore and the Supreme Court of Singapore from 9 – 13 September to find out more. To sign up, please visit http://bit.ly/blht2019.

Nostalgia Map

9 September 2019 to 30 November 2019 (930am to 930pm)
Pek Kio Community Club
The project is a collection of old photographs from residents all over the division to form a “Nostalgia Map”. Residents will be asked to contribute pictures that they have in their collection , to be pasted on the "map" which takes viewers through the lives of Singaporeans or migrants in the past. The photographs can be in form of clothes they used to wear, the cars they own, their stalls / shops, or even family photos.

Boba & Cakes: Eurasian.ish Conversations

14 Sep 2019 (12.00pm to 1.30pm)
This is a conversation about Eurasian-ness: where, what and how. It's a time and space for youths—Eurasian and otherwise—to come together. Eurasian.ish wants to find all the -ish’s in being Eurasian in 2019. We'll discuss our project findings, break down what 'Eurasian' means now, and build towards what it could evolve into in the future.

Eurasian Heritage Gallery

Tuesdays to Sundays (10.00am to 5.00pm)
Find out more about Eurasian culture & heritage like never before with over 13 interactive multimedia exhibits and more than 130 artefacts sourced across generations of Eurasian families.

An Old New World: From the East Indies to the Founding of Singapore, 1600s–1819

21 Sep 2019 to 29 Mar 2020 (10am to 7pm)
Explore the 200 years leading up to the establishment of an entrepôt in Singapore in 1819, beginning with the bustling world of trade in the East Indies that attracted the Dutch and British East India Companies from the early 17th century. The European entry into the region, for better or worse, was only part of its longer history. This exhibition is a telling of that story, and a reflection of the broader forces at play that culminated in the events of 1819.

9th Goh Loo Club and TKK Foundation Cultural Seminar Series – Singapore Bicentennial Edition

22 Sept 2019 (2.00pm to 4.30pm)
Singapore Chinese Cultral Centre
Learn more at this talk by A/P Wong Sin Kong where he will share on the personal network of Sun Yat Sen and the spread of his thoughts in Singapore in the first half of the 20th century. Sun’s ideology has not only had an influence on individuals, but also on Chinese organizations and institutions, which in turn had an impact on the development of the Chinese community in Singapore. Talk is conducted in Mandarin.

Coming Together As One Through Art

26 September - 20 October 2019 (Carnival happening from 18 - 20 October!)

Entry to pop-art event is free-of-charge and closed on Mondays

Outside Plaza Singapura
SNCF Bicentennial Pop-Art Event – a year-long series which started with Credit Co-operatives, Service Co-operatives and then NTUC Co-operatives – will end with a finale, themed Better Together, that takes you on a journey through the Singapore Co-operative Movement from the 1900s to present. You’ll also get to immerse and experience the co-operative spirit of co-operation, self-help and mutual help on the last 3 days where we bring you a carnival with curated F&B selection and interactive workstations, alongside live music!

Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition Singapore 2019

Monday - Thursday: 10am to 7pm Friday - Saturday: 10am to 10pm (Except 28 Sep, closes 7pm) Sunday: 29 Sep: 10am to 7pm 6 Oct: 10am to 7pm 13 Oct: 10am to 5pm 6 & 13 Oct are family days, with children-friendly interactive activities from 10am to 5pm
Marina Bay Sands (Sands Theatre)
Discover the world of Patek Philippe For the first time in Asia and as part of Singapore's Bicentennial Commemoration, the exhibition will take visitors on a journey through the world of Patek Philippe; its historic Geneva headquarters, the workshops and the Museum. The commemorative collection will be showcased together with over 400 unique and historic timepieces celebrating the tradition of innovation and independence, art and craftsmanship, aesthetic and passion - values that have defined Patek Philippe since 1839.

On Paper: Singapore Before 1867

28 Sep 2019 to 22 Mar 2020 (10am to 9pm)
On Paper: Singapore Before 1867 features over 150 paper-based artefacts that tell the story of Singapore’s early history – from a 17th-century Portuguese navigational chart that point to the existence of a Shahbandar (harbour master) on Singapore island to the key document that established the Straits Settlements as a Crown Colony of Britain on 1 April 1867.
The Bicentennial Experience

The Bicentennial Experience

1 Oct - 31 Dec 2019
Go back in time to witness key moments in Singapore’s transformation from as far back as 1299 in a multimedia sensory experience.

Talk on the Legacy of Lim Nee Soon

5 October 2019 (2.30pm - 6.00pm)
Singapore Chinese Cultral Centre
Held in conjunction with Singapore's bicentennial and the Teochew Poit Ip Huay Kuan's 90th anniversary, the talk will give a review of the founder of Poit Ip Huay Kuan, and successful businessman and community leader in Singapore, Mr Lim Nee Soon.

Bukit Timah Guided Heritage Trail

5 October 2019 (9am to 12pm)
Meeting at Blk 204 Clementi Ave 6
Come join us in this guided tour to learn more about the interesting facts and history during our Bukit Timah Heritage Trail, such as Masjid Al Huda Mosque and Fong Yun Thai Association. You can approach Bukit Timah CC at 20 Toh Yi Drive or 64662912 for more details regarding tickets for the guided heritage tour.

Launch of Heritage Gallery

5 October 2019 (10am to 12pm)
51 Kee Sun Avenue S457056
The Heritage Gallery documents the educational development of the Malay/Muslim community through Yayasan MENDAKI.

Revisiting History, Visualising the Future: Bicentennial Edition

This exhibition is held in-conjunction with the launch of the Singapore Art Society 70th Anniversary Artists’ Directory and the unveiling of a mega painting to commemorate Singapore's bicentennial. The exhibition will showcase a total of 200 paintings aligned with the theme "Revisiting history, Visualising the future" and include paintings from the earlier exhibition held at Ion.

LIM BOON KENG - The Musical

10 Oct (8.00pm to 9.40pm), 11 Oct (8.00pm to 9.40pm), 12 Oct (3.00pm to 4.40pm & 8.00pm to 9.40pm) & 13 Oct (3.00pm to 4.40pm)
Written by Stella Kon, Music by Desmond Moey, Directed by Jeremiah Choy. Presented by MTL & GCOX. Starring Sebastian Tan as Lim Boon Keng. “In a century torn by war, one man’s integrity burns like a flame.” Who is Lim Boon Keng? What has he done? Why is he of interest?

Heirlooms – Reimagining the Sounds of our Chinese Forefathers

11 Oct - 11 Oct 2019
Esplanade Concert Hall
Heirlooms is a documentary-concert by The TENG Ensemble that reimagines the musics of Singaporean Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew and Hakka traditions.

Malay CultureFest 2019

11 Oct 2019 to 2 Nov 2019 (Various timing)
The Malay CultureFest allows festival-goers to experience traditions and culture of the Nusantara through performances and exciting cultural activities. Immerse yourself in the annual 3-week long Malay CultureFest and experience traditions and culture of the wider Nusantara. The theme of the festival is ‘Bangsa’, which means nation or people and will focus on the different communities and their lives from the 15th to 19th centuries, and how they have shaped our collective identities today. There will be a showcase of cultural activities, performances, talks, workshops and trails for visitors of all ages.

Builders of Singapore Heritage Trail: Samsui Women

12 Oct 2019 (8.30am to 1.00pm)
Singapore Federation of Chinese Clans Assocation
Walk with us on this trail and we will show you some of the infrastructure and monuments that they built. We will discover the reasons why they were here. We will find out about the lives they lived while they were in a foreign land, Singapore.

Seekor Singa, Seorang Putera dan Sebingkai Cermin:Reflecting and Refracting Singapura

12 Oct 2019 to 21 June 2020 (10am to 6pm)
This special exhibition discusses Singapore's maritime and cultural significance prior to British and Dutch occupation in the Malay Archipelago. It aims to present visitors with broader insights into the history of Singapore and its deeper links to the region and beyond through an exploration of various Malay world perspectives, indigenous material culture, and European colonial sources.

Rangoli Flower Carpet

14 Oct - 28 Oct 2019
Gardens by the Bay
Rangolis, also referred to as Courtyard Paintings or Doorstep Paintings, are known by many many different names in different parts of India. The themes of the Rangoli are Nature driven – plants, trees, flowers, petals, birds and animals are all commonly featured in Rangolis. Inspired by the landscape and beauty of Gardens by the Bay, this Rangoli Flower carpet is made from reused plastic bottles that have been painted and exquisitely arranged in a Rangoli design.

The Golden Record 3.0

18 Oct - 18 Oct 2019
University Cultural Centre (UCC)
Presented with the participation of key voices from Singapore’s creative and academic worlds, The Golden Record 3.0 is the culmination of two years of research and exploration involving people from across the stratum of Singapore’s national identity - questioning how we see ourselves as a nation, provoking a re-evaluation of the narratives we create to project ourselves to others.

SG Bicentennial in NTU Conference “SG200: Heritage, Identity, Progress”

9am to 5.25pm (18 October), 9am to 12.50pm (19 October)
NTU Nanyang Executive Centre
The 2-day conference will feature speakers from Asia, North America, Australia and Europe. It is intended to be an interdisciplinary conference with academics and policy makers. More information about the conference can be found in the following introduction.

Goh Loo Club and Tan Kah Kee Foundation Cultural Seminar 10

19 October 2019 (8.30am to 3.00pm)
Who is this man (Tan Kah Kee) who was hailed as a leader of the overseas Chinese in the first half of the 20th century? Why was he also called ‘The Henry Ford of Malaya’ and how did he make his fortune? What motivated him to donate all his wealth to schools and humanitarian causes? What did he do to be one of the few to have earned the title of ‘Founder of Modern Singapore’? At this Forum, 9 speakers attempt to answer these questions, and present the many facets of a wise, talented and complex visionary whose laser sharp focus on life’s important goals are as relevant today as they were three generations ago.

Wan Qing CultureFest 2019

2 Nov 2019 to 10 Nov 2019 (10am to 9pm)
Join us at Wan Qing CultureFest 2019 to celebrate the rich diversity and beauty of our cultural traditions. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience Singapore’s heritage in fresh and immersive ways over two bustling weekends filled with interactive workshops, performances and more as we celebrate Singapore’s 200 years of traditions and history! The festival will showcase four key pillars of cultural heritage – Social Practices, Rituals and Festival Events; Food Heritage; Performing Arts; and Oral Traditions and Expressions. Experience a traditional Chinese wedding, find out more about Nanyang coffee and Singapore’s food culture, discover the art of lion dance, and have fun learning Chinese dialects through a series of interactive game stations.

From Brush to Lens: Early Chinese Photography Studios in Singapore

2 Nov 2019 to 3 May 2020 (10am to 5pm)
With the establishment of Singapore as an entrepôt 200 years ago, many migrants from China and around the region ventured to Singapore to seek business opportunities and better lives. While the majority of early Chinese migrants in Singapore were manual labourers, they were later followed by a group of skilled artisans and professionals, such as painters and photographers. By the 1910s, the studios operated by the Chinese photographers offered good quality services at relatively cheaper prices. As people from all walks of life chose to have their photographs taken at these Chinese photography studios, these studios inadvertently serve as repositories for a nation’s history. Come and see this exciting and yet lesser known facet of vibrant Singapore.

Book Launch: "History of Anglicanism in Singapore 1819-2019"

2 November 2019 (12pm to 2pm)
Anglicanism in Singapore dates back to the time of the earliest British settlement in Singapore. While a physical church would not be built until 1837, Anglicanism came to Singapore via the English East India Company with its ships and chaplains. This book will tell the story of the establishment and development of Anglicanism in Singapore.

PRISM – Art Exhibition In Commemoration of Singapore’s Bicentennial

9 Nov - 28 Nov 2019
Fullerton Hotel
View artworks by the talented students from Rainbow Centre! In commemoration of Singapore’s bicentennial, the students have created thirty art pieces exploring the themes of culture, flora and fauna, food, transport and architecture, and people.

MPA Bazaar by the Pier

9 to 10 November 2019 (10am to 7pm)
Singapore Maritime Gallery
Come commemorate the Singapore Bicentennial with us at the MPA Bazaar by the Pier! Experience Singapore’s remarkable growth from a thriving trading post of the past to the next-generation port of the future at the exciting Bazaar by the Pier.

Pinnacle Concert 2019: : A Jazzy Bicentennial Commemoration of Singapore-UK Friendship

15 November 2019 (7.30pm to 10.30pm)
Organised by Jazz Association (Singapore), the Jazz Association Singapore Orchestra, led by Music Director Jeremy Monteiro will be perfroming at this concert. Conceptualized as Jazz Association (Singapore)’s inaugural pinnacle concert, this will tie in with the Bicentennial of UK-Singapore friendship and thus have a Singapore-UK theme.

2219: Futures Imagined

23 Nov 2019 - 5 Apr 2020
ArtScience Museum
Step into possible futures of Singapore 200 years from now and explore how our world might change. This immersive and experiential exhibition is a journey into imaginary future worlds, featuring over two dozen artists, architects, filmmakers, writers and theatre companies from Singapore and around the world.

From the Coromandel Coast to the Straits: Revisiting Our Tamil Heritage Exhibition

23 November 2019 to 30 June 2020 (10am to 5pm)
From the Coromandel Coast to the Straits: Revisiting Our Tamil Heritage exhibition will explore ancient trade, religious, political, and cultural contact between the Tamils of the Coromandel Coast and Southeast Asia from the early years of the Common Era. Tracing a two-way flow of culture, the exhibition will highlight the history of 19th century Tamils in Singapore, their history, culture and contributions.

Indian Heritage Centre CultureFest 2019

23 & 30 Nov 2019 (10am to 7pm) and 30 Nov & 1 Dec 2019 (10am to 4pm)
Indian Heritage Centre CultureFest is a two-weekend long festival that promotes the diversity of Indian artistic and cultural expressions.

Goh Loo Club & Tan Kah Kee Foundation: Cultural Seminar 11

30 Nov 2019 (2.30pm to 4.30pm)
Singapore is known as the “Garden City” in the world, with trees and flowers beautifully scattered all over the island. Over the years, through the cooperation of various departments, Singapore has achieved the grand vision – Singapore is now a City in the Garden. At this talk, Mr Choo will share his experiences and stories on greening up Singapore, when he served in the department from 1976 to 1996, revealing some interesting and little secrets hidden in this garden city.

Of Music and Story: River of Life 《乐。叙:生命之河》(Exhibition)

2 Dec 2019 to 31 Dec 2019 (11am to 9pm daily)
Ding Yi's signature series featuring multi-disciplinary productions that narrate stories of Singapore through Chinese chamber music and various art forms. Inspired by the late senior reporter and historian Han Shan Yuan’s famous literature about the stories of our Singapore River, Ding Yi presents a multi-disciplinary concert which sheds light upon the great river that was once the heart and lifeblood of our island’s economy. Catch Of Music and Story: River of Life, a showcase of Chinese chamber music, storytelling and multimedia!

60 Years of Singapore's National Symbols

3 Dec - 31 Dec 2019
Various Locations
Join us in commemorating the 60th Anniversary of our National Flag, Anthem and State Crest!

Sojourners to Settlers - Tamils in Southeast Asia and Singapore Conference

Day 1 (6 Dec 2019): 6pm to 8.30pm, Day 2 (7 Dec 2019): 9.30am to 7.30pm
Singapore’s connections with South India date long before 1819. Held in the year commemorating Singapore’s bicentennial year, the conference pursues a line of enquiry going beyond the 200-year mark .

Of Music and Story: River of Life 《乐。叙:生命之河》(Arts Chat)

7 Dec 2019 (7.30pm)
Ding Yi Studio
Ding Yi's signature series featuring multi-disciplinary productions that narrate stories of Singapore through Chinese chamber music and various art forms. Inspired by the late senior reporter and historian Han Shan Yuan’s famous literature about the stories of our Singapore River, Ding Yi presents a multi-disciplinary concert which sheds light upon the great river that was once the heart and lifeblood of our island’s economy. Catch Of Music and Story: River of Life, a showcase of Chinese chamber music, storytelling and multimedia!

Goh Loo Club and Tan Kah Kee Foundation: Cultural Seminar 12

7 Dec 2019 (2.30pm to 4.30pm)
This seminar features writers presenting the origins and gradual development of the Singapore Chinese modern paradigm. They formed a variety of values ​​and aesthetics, and become the fables of Chinese Diaspora, linking up the past and present while pointing to the future.

Founders’ Memorial Design Showcase

9 Dec - 31 Dec 2019
The Memorial will feature Singapore’s founding leaders and the values and ideals that Singapore was built upon. Designed to be an integrated gallery and garden experience, it will be located at Bay East Garden – right across Gardens by the Bay. In November and December this year, see the five final designs at the Founders’ Memorial Design Showcase, and choose your favourite! One of these five will be built, and open to the public in 2027.

Of Music and Story: River of Life 《乐。叙:生命之河》(Concert)

15 Dec 2019 (5.00pm and 8.00pm)
Esplanade Recital Studio
Ding Yi's signature series featuring multi-disciplinary productions that narrate stories of Singapore through Chinese chamber music and various art forms. Inspired by the late senior reporter and historian Han Shan Yuan’s famous literature about the stories of our Singapore River, Ding Yi presents a multi-disciplinary concert which sheds light upon the great river that was once the heart and lifeblood of our island’s economy. Catch Of Music and Story: River of Life, a showcase of Chinese chamber music, storytelling and multimedia!

Peace & Prosperity Singapura 2019 Parade

21 Dec 2019 (5pm to 8pm)
PPSG 2019 consists of the PPSG 2019 Parade and sequel events that include outreach to the public on cultural and humanitarian welfare, as well as education on peace and prosperity. The Parade which will be held on 21st December 2019 at Marina Bay Floating Platform, is a fun-filled evening with song performances by local artistes and fireworks display. The two highlights of the Parade will be (1) the setting of a Singapore Book of Records of the Largest Paired Lion Dance with 720 lions, and (2) the setting of a Guinness World Record with a car parade benefiting the community. Members of the public, regardless of race and religion, are welcomed as audience, volunteers, or performers in this celebration of multicultural diversity.

#futuretogether – an immersive art exhibition

16 Jan - 22 Mar 2020
Gardens by the Bay
Come experience the interactive art that art collective teamLab is renowned for! Take a peek into the #futuretogether – an immersive art exhibition jointly presented by Gardens by the Bay and GIC, art by teamLab, in support of the Singapore Bicentennial.
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