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A compendium of history made possible by many

This is a project steeped in history. The Singapore Bicentennial, more than just a commemoration of 200 years since Raffles’ landing, is an exploration of Singapore’s evolution over a span of 700 years. It brings forth many stories, photos and artefacts that were previously unheard of, untold or unseen. In essence, it is a new way of approaching our history – a new historical narrative of this “young” nation.
Jaron Tia with his grandfather

A young historian in the making

Where Singapore history is concerned, Jaron Tia shows a maturity beyond his tender age of seven. Fascinated by different historical periods and unsung war heroes, Jaron loves nothing more than to uncover stories from our nation’s past.
Armenians in Singapore

Armenians in Singapore

The Armenians, a small but aspiring community in Singapore, have made their mark on the nation's history. Some of its members' accomplishments include the establishment of Raffles Hotel and starting a national paper, The Straits Times.
Volunteers Training Session

Bringing out the historian in our volunteers

Volunteers who are Story Documenters played a vital role in uncovering and capturing the personal stories that make up the Singapore journey. Passionate about their mission, they actively participated in training sessions before undertaking the task.
Rosie Wee

Documenting stories from the past

Volunteering comes as second nature for Rosie Wee, who has served at various local museums and the Singapore Memory Project. In this new role, she conducts interviews with Singaporeans to explore their personal connections to history.
Ng Sze Min

Keeping an ear to stories of the past

As a sound artist working across disciplines in the community and the arts, Ng Sze Min is very much tuned in to stories of history. As a Story Documenter for the Singapore Bicentennial, she gets to share about key historical figures who have made an impact on our evolution as well as interview Singaporeans about their personal history and make sure that they are recorded for posterity.
Light bearers at launch of Singapore Bicentennial

Launch of the Singapore Bicentennial – Reflecting on our longer history

What can history teach us about Singapore? First and foremost, it helps us acknowledge that while 1819 marked the beginning of an inclusive and multicultural Singapore, it was by no means the start of our history. This was the message outlined by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who on 28 January 2019, officially kicked off the Singapore Bicentennial to commemorate 200 years since the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles.
Singapore Chinese Girls' School students digital drawing

N.E.Mation! 2019 – A spotlight on Bicentennial themed animation projects

In a special session hosted by Nexus at Nanyang Polytechnic on 23 November 2018, the Singapore Bicentennial Office was invited for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how student teams were crafting their animation projects for N.E.Mation! 2019.
Sunanda Asthana

Shaping narratives that cut across cultures

As a television producer, documentary filmmaker and writer, Sunanda Verma considers herself a natural storyteller. Volunteering as a Story Documenter, Sunanda enjoys seeking out stories across cultural, racial and gender lines.
About the Bicentennial

Singapore Bicentennial merchandise

Bring home a little piece of our past with our range of Singapore Bicentennial-themed merchandise! Created together with renowned home-grown design store, Naiise, the Singapore Bicentennial series of products showcase the different elements of our 700-year history including historical maps, artefacts, personalities and motifs that tell of our rich and storied past.
The past comes to life with technology of the future

The past comes to life with technology of the future

The Singapore Bicentennial iBook refreshes the way history is told through the use of animation and videos that make for an interactive, immersive experience of the Singapore journey.
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