About the Singapore Bicentennial

The Singapore Bicentennial Logo

The Singapore Bicentennial Logo comprises seven poly-shapes, each representing one century for a total of 700 years of Singapore’s longer history. The poly-shapes are progressively refined into a circle, symbolising our transformation throughout time; adapting and evolving to become present-day Singapore. The logo expresses both change and continuity, conveying the sense that this is an ever-evolving journey that is always for the better.

The use of the Singapore Bicentennial logo is strictly by application only, and subject to review for relevance. Preference will be given to activities that are community focused, with historicity, and non-commercial in nature. Get in touch with us for enquiries on the use of our logo.

Rediscovering Our History Together

Advisory Panel montage
People behind the Singapore Bicentennial

This shared reflection of Singapore’s rich history would not have been possible without a nationwide collaboration with partner agencies, educational institutions, and various community groups. Not only do they provide research and resources, they also help to plan for programmes and events so as to generate interest in our heritage.

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