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Youths from 17 schools came together recently to discuss their aspirations for Singapore in 2040, under the project SG75. The participants were asked to build Lego models to describe “One thing in Singapore that you would want in 2040 that is enabled by technology” and to imagine “What the future landscape of Singapore will look like.”

Some groups focused on the hardware, putting together Lego models of self-sustainable houses, buildings and transport vehicles powered by renewable sources of energy. Other groups emphasised the ‘heartware’, constructing models that put forth the story of an inclusive, “connected society” for everyone from the young to the elderly.

SG 75 project committee chairman, Professor Ho Yew Kee, was amongst the participants, building a Lego model together with them, sharing his insights that he used every piece of Lego in his pack to build his model, to signify that every resource is important and should not be wasted.

The youths at the SG75 forum on 12 May 2018 also had the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with Minister Indranee Rajah, who encouraged the youths to have the courage to dream. Minister Indranee shared that, “Singapore is not just about the buildings, it is about the spirit of the people, the values of the people, as well as the ideas of the people.” In response to a question from a participant about how can youths know which areas they can contribute to society, Minister Indranee urged the youths to explore their passions and strengths to find “what would give you a sense of mission and purpose.”

During the dialogue, the youths also shared their concerns about rapid changes in society and how technology may impact their lives. Mohammad Rifqi (19, ITE College Central) said that the forum helped him realise the need to “constantly adapt to change” and “be on top of technology instead of below”.

Alyaa Joeyna (17, ITE College Central) said that her takeaway from the forum was that, “We plan in the present with ideas from the past, looking forward to the future.”

Marcus Chua (17, Nanyang Junior College) said the group discussions helped him to learn that “We need to develop into a more inclusive society, where we include people like the youth and the elderly.”

Cynthia D/O Siva Guru (19, Republic Polytechnic) said that the forum “gave her a perspective on what to expect for in terms of SG75 in time to come, Singapore in terms of technology and many other things that were discussed about.” Professor Ho said that through SG75, he hopes to provide a platform to engage the youths of today, and inculcate a greater sense of ownership, encouraging them to play an active role in shaping the Singapore of tomorrow.

The next part of the SG75 project consists of a competition, which will provide a platform for the current generation of Singaporeans to espouse the Singapore they want to inherit in 25 years’ time. The theme of the competition is “Technology”. Participants will be invited to think about how we can use technology to promote interaction between different segments of society, or use technology to help the less fortunate in society, or to use technology to make Singapore a more inclusive and caring society – so that Singapore will continue to be a place where our young, old, and even our needy can call Our Home.

To find out more, please visit the website at https://www.sg75.sg.


intergenerational DESIGN Community Learning

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