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Breaking the Sound Barrier

Community Helping The Disabled

Breaking The Sound Barrier is a student-led public campaign that aims to change current perceptions towards the hiring of the deaf community, with a secondary aim of creating a more deaf-friendly environment at the workplace.

The project aims to achieve the following three objectives:
(i) raise awareness of the potential of the deaf community as able employees
(ii) change employers’ perceptions towards hiring the deaf
(iii) encourage more employers to hire the deaf

The project hopes to raise awareness of singapore projects shared value of inclusiveness and fostering a caring society, through the campaign content that focuses on recognising the capabilities of the deaf community, and positive experiences of companies that have successfully integrated them into the workforce.

Project also advocates for a fair chance of employment for deaf people in Singapore, to foster a true meritocratic society, in line with our Singaporean shared values

The workshop and interaction sessions provide a platform for the potential hirers and co-workers to work together on an activity, and experience the capability of deaf employees up close, which could change their views about working with or hiring deaf co-workers.

To find out more, please visit Breaking The Sound Barrier Facebook.

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Community Helping The Disabled

Kwok Meng Kei & Ang Hui Xuan


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