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we can shape a better Singapore

At the heart of the Singapore Together movement is the vision for Singaporeans to partner with the government and with one another to own, shape and act on our shared future together.

Singapore Together

Launched by Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat in June 2019, Singapore Together aims to open up more opportunities for Singaporeans to participate in, and give support for more citizen-led initiatives. Whatever our background or interests, we can each step forward to contribute in areas that we care about. By working together, we can turn diversity into strength and transform challenges into opportunities, to build a Singapore that present and future generations of Singaporeans will be proud of.

During the SG Together Emerging Stronger Conversations held between June to December 2020, Singaporeans have shared their views and aspirations. To date*, more than 30 Alliances for Action (AfAs) which are action-oriented, cross-sector collaborations that are formed to work on significant areas relevant to Singapore’s future have been announced. These AfAs will look at tackling issues that came up through partnerships with Singaporeans.

The Singapore Together Alliances for Action (AfA) that have been announced are here. Please look out for opportunities to participate in some of these AfAs at www.sg/opportunities and www.sg/events.

*As at July 2022.

SG Together Stories

Singaporeans want to have a say and be involved in policymaking and play a part to solve the challenges of our times. Ever wondered what are some Singaporeans’ experiences when they get involved in SG Together?

Read their SG Together experiences here!

Singapore Together - Emerging Stronger Conversations
Emerging Stronger Conversations

Singapore Together - Emerging Stronger Conversations
The Emerging Stronger Conversations (ESCs) were launched in June 2020, as part of the Singapore Together movement. The ESCs are inclusive and provide a safe and open platform for Singaporeans to reflect on their COVID-19 experiences and share their hopes and ideas on how we can forge a better way forward.

Over 16,900 Singaporeans across diverse backgrounds have participated and shared their views in these ESCs, as well as in surveys and feedback platforms. Sessions were also held in mother tongue languages and a special effort was made to reach persons with disabilities. Currently, deep dive conversations into the themes that have emerged are ongoing.

Learn more about what Singaporeans have shared at the ESCs

Singapore Together - Our Conversations in Numbers
Our conversations in numbers

Singapore Together - Our Conversations in Numbers
We have shared our views in 88 sessions with 4,400 participants and more than 12,500 survey respondents.

Learn what Singaporeans have shared, in numbers

Turning conversations into action

Singaporeans have shared their aspirations during the ESCs and these conversations will lead to action.

Highlights of the Singapore Together partnerships and initiatives were announced at the recent Committee of Supply Debate 2021.

Learn what the COS 2021 SG Together partnership updates are

Singapore Together - show-your-appreciation-to-fellow-singaporeans
Show your appreciation to fellow Singaporeans

Let’s say thank you to our everyday heroes who have come forward to help Singapore get through the COVID-19 situation, from frontline staff, essential workers to fellow Singaporeans in our community. Together we can overcome!

Share your words of appreciation by sending a message here!

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