Factsheet: Forward Singapore, the Unite pillar

Forward Singapore is a whole-of-society effort to refresh our social compact, so as to create more opportunities for Singaporeans and Singapore; provide more assurance for Singaporeans in a more uncertain future; and foster a greater sense of solidarity and responsibility across society.


2 The exercise is organised along six pillars (Empower, Equip, Care, Build, Steward, and Unite), each headed by 4G leaders. Each pillar will engage Singaporeans to understand their concerns, listen to their feedback, and explore the trade-offs involved in various policy shifts. In the process, they will review and update policies, and establish new partnerships to implement changes.


About the Unite pillar

3 The Unite Pillar is led by Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Second Minister for Law Edwin Tong; Minister, Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Education and Foreign Affairs Maliki Osman; and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information and Ministry of Health Janil Puthucheary. 


4 The goal of the Unite Pillar is anchored in our National Pledge, where we pledge ourselves as one united people. This is understood in three themes, which relate to strengthening our solidarity as a society:


(a) Belong: Where we feel a strong sense of belonging to Singapore, and identify with each other as fellow citizens of Singapore;
Bond: Where we maintain strong and close bonds with each other, and relate to each other with mutual trust, regardless of race, language, or religion;

(c) Build: Where we work together to build a better society for each other, and act to help one another, especially those in need, and thus make our society a place where everyone can live fulfilling lives – based on justice and equality.


Upcoming Dialogues and Engagements

5 Between now and the middle of next year, the Unite Pillar will engage stakeholders in our wider community, including students, youths, arts practitioners, grassroots communities and residents, sports groups, faith and ethnic communities, charities and the volunteer sector, as well as corporates. We will be engaging them on their roles in strengthening our sense of belonging to Singapore, bonds with each other, and our sense of ownership to build a better society. 


6 We will also be launching engagements with a wider group of Singaporeans. In the next few months, there will be new digital platforms and physical pop-up exhibitions, where Singaporeans can contribute their thoughts on what it means for us to be one united people. More details will be announced soon. 


7 Overall, these findings will inform the key policy shifts and partnership efforts that the Unite Pillar will undertake, around the themes of Belong, Bond, and Build. Policy recommendations will be included in the overall Forward Singapore report to be published at the end of the Forward Singapore exercise. 


8 For more opportunities to collaborate under the Unite Pillar and other Forward Singapore pillars, please visit www.forwardsingapore.gov.sg.