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Mr Khairul Rusydi

  • Singapore Together is a movement that aims to engage all Singaporeans in creating out shared future together.

The SG Youth Action Plan (SG YAP) seeks to engage youths to harness their energies to shape Singapore’s future. It signals the Government’s commitment to work with our young people on a sustained basis, strengthen their sense of empowerment and to grow trust. Through the SG YAP, youths will help shape the vision of our future Singapore in 2025, provide recommendations on policies, as well as initiate partnership projects to create change.

The SG YAP is spearheaded by a diverse panel of youth leaders. The Panel is co-chaired by SMS Sim Ann, and co-founder and Managing Director of Timbre Group Edward Chia. By engaging their youth networks as well as the broader youth base, the panel aims to forge stronger ownership of the SG YAP by youths.

Since May 2019, the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) and the National Youth Council (NYC) have reached out to youths from different life-stages using a range of modalities – publishing articles on popular digital publications, interacting with youths via social media channels, conducting roadshows in IHLs and malls, conducting online polls and holding focus group discussions.

Through these modalities, we engaged close to 70,000 youths in-depth, seeking their vision for future Singapore in 2025, and their views and ideas on how to achieve this vision as part of the SG YAP. Youths raised multiple themes and issues, underpinned by have surfaced 5 key values that they feel are important for Singapore – inclusiveness, fairness, care, sustainability and progress.

Based on these inputs, the SG YAP Panel developed a draft vision reflective of the youth voices. The Vision aims to capture the values and aspirations of youths for Singapore in 2025, and to guide the policy ideas and partnership areas arising from SG YAP.

“Before we change the world, we must first change ourselves. We may not always get it right, but with hard work, compassion and determination, we'll foster an inclusive, sustainable and progressive Singapore. We’ll create a home where Singaporeans care for one another, and have a fair shot at their dreams. 2025, we’re coming for you!”

Youths are invited to further refine this draft vision at As part of the next phase of the SG YAP, MCCY and NYC are working with youths to take action on issues they are interested in such as the environment, support for mental health and future of work, through developing policy recommendations and participating in partnership projects.

A key project under the SG YAP is the transformation of Somerset Belt, which has been designated as an area with a strong youth focus as part of the longer-term rejuvenation plans for Orchard Road. The process intends to create a vibrant and inclusive youth centric space that brings youths, youth organisations and businesses together and adopts a participatory place-making mode to do so. This involves designing various modes of engagement with youths, businesses and government agencies as important stakeholders of the space. Given the intent to create a youth centric space, the opinions and interests of youths are key ingredients in the development of the masterplan but these are also considered in the context of the needs and interests of businesses and policy holders.

This synergy is also reflected in the Working Committee formed to lead the project, which consists of members from people, private and the public sectors and is co-chaired by Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Transport Baey Yam Keng and Chief Commercial Officer of Love, Bonito, Dione Song.

The Working Committee is currently drafting the masterplan with the aim of releasing it in Feb 2020.

For more information on the Youth Action Plan and to contribute your ideas and suggestions, visit

"Youths raised multiple themes and issues, underpinned by have surfaced 5 key values that they feel are important for Singapore – inclusiveness, fairness, care, sustainability and progress."

- Mr Khairul Rusydi


Mr Khairul Rusydi

Youth Action Plan

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