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Teaching SafeEntry through Zoom


Helping the Community
  • Steric Tan have been taking the lead in building a Smart Nation.

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 Steric Tan, 71 years old

“As part of #SmartNationTogether, Smart Nation taught seniors how to use Zoom at the beginning of CB. Steric turned up late, but asked for dedicated “tuition” on how to host a Zoom meeting. We spent an additional 20mins to familiarise him. A few days later, he asked if he could be referenced to some material on SafeEntry and we directed him to the SafeEntry website.


Two weeks later, we received a Zoom invite to attend a Zoom by Steric! He had observed that fellow seniors in his Bukit Merah neighbourhood were having difficulties adjusting to SafeEntry (e.g. why was it needed, how to scan QR codes), and he conducted a 1.5hr lesson & Q&A out of his own initiative! 40 seniors attended, a very encouraging outcome for a first time!”


Source: Smart Nation and Digital Government Office


Helping the Community

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