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Moments of Life (Active Ageing) Activity Finder


Helping the Community
  • Some seniors have been taking the lead in building a Smart Nation.

Various Seniors,  SCOPE at “Happy Go Lucky” Getai

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“When the MOL (now LifeSG) app was first conceived, the key feature was a digital Merdeka Generation (MG) card. MG seniors could now flash and enjoy MG perks and discounts on-the-go. Our engineers were keen to know if a drop-down list of where to enjoy MG/PG specific perks would be useful, and therefore went to the ground to check via SCOPE.


At the Happy Go Lucky Getai event in late-Aug 2018, to our surprise, there was an overwhelming number of seniors that asked for the app to include an “activity finder”. We were initially reluctant, thinking such information would already be easily accessible at void-deck notice boards. Despite the significant engineering effort, we gave it a shot.


Today, the usage of the “Activity Finder” feature on the app is almost on par with the digital MG card.”


Source: Smart Nation and Digital Government Office


Helping the Community

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