Expanding the idea of giving

People are used to donate their money or their time, but Gift for Good (GfG)'s aim is to expand this perspective for people to better understand the value of in-kind donation.


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Gift for Good

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"Gift for Good is one of the projects organised by the Developers' Student Club National University of Singapore (DSCNUS) to bring together students who are passionate about using technology for good." says Qin-Liang.

People coming together

Using technology to do good for the society was the initial motivation to form the club. Despite all the member’s varying experiences, one common idea of helping low-income families drew them together.

“When we spoke to many different social service agencies, we realised that they do rely on in-kind donations, not only for their own programs but also for their clients.”

When the group started digging deeper, they realised that there was a need for a more user-friendly and efficient platform for donors and non-profits to be connected in Singapore. And thus, GfG was born.

Gift for Good website - homepage image

Gift for Good Website - Homepage

Facilitating in-kind donations.

It all starts with bringing awareness to the many stories of charities in need for specific items and showing people the value of in-kind donations. Then, it’s all about making as easy as possible for people to donate.

“Most people don’t really think about the value of the in-kind donations, it’s a very new concept. What we’re trying to do, besides being an in-kind donation platform, is raise its profile.”

In the early days of GfG, the founders didn’t expect the fast growth the platform has achieved. But with the support of the Our Singapore Fund (OSF) and the assistance from MCCY, the founders were able to connect the project with social service agencies and opened up opportunities for collaborations with the agencies.

Plans for the future

GfG’s long-term goal is to become the one-stop portal for in-kind donations in Singapore. They are passionate in building awareness of in-kind donations for individuals and charities that might require donations onto the platform.

At the same time, they are also trying to explore how best to build a model whereby GfG can engage companies in in-kind donations. Working with the social service agencies has been paramount to improve their platform and their processes. The idea is to make everything more and more efficient.

And then, there’s the team, which is really supportive of each other. “I think my team is very active, they've been taking a lot of initiatives when it comes to different tasks with relation to the project itself. It has made things a lot easier to balance”.

Learn more about Gift for Good at www.giftforgood.io or through Instagram & Facebook.

Visit www.sg/oursingaporefund to learn more about OSF.


Geeking Over Gadgets
Gift for Good