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Mr Darren Tan
(Youth Action Challenge - Environment, in support of Singapore Together)


Engaging in Conversations

Mr Darren Tan

  • “Change isn’t someone else’s responsibility. We can all be part of the solution."

If life can be better for all of us, then why not?

Instead of letting our urban spaces remain underused, we started Singapore’s first rooftop farm to produce vegetables for local consumption. We also provide meaningful work for persons with disabilities (PwDs), engage the community, and partner with schools to raise awareness on issues like food security and sustainability.

No change is insignificant and no contribution is too small, especially when there are opportunities to make things better, and the positive effects can be tenfold. So when the Youth Action Plan and Youth Action Challenge started, I wanted to contribute and share information and insights with Singapore’s youths.

You might be surprised to know that youths of today are passionate about the projects we’re working on, a far cry from the common perception that they are disengaged. Many students have a good depth of knowledge, and are unafraid to speak up. I can hardly remember what I was doing at their age!

There’s this stereotype that government agencies and public servants are distant and inflexible, but it’s all debunked when you see how open and receptive they are to suggestions from our youths. In fact, there have been instances where programmes are adjusted based on feedback from our people. It’s this involvement and proactiveness that show the investment of all parties in improving our processes, and for everyone to feel empowered in having a stake in our future.

Sustainability has been and will always be core to our survival, which is why we need to factor it into our daily lives. Because every person, group and organisation has a part to play, it’s imperative that we take steps together to achieve change.

Singapore is first in the world for many things, even though we’re such a small country. So why can’t we be the first in working together to achieve our common goals? Let’s show the world how it can be done.

Learn how we can all work together to make more happen: www.sg. #SingaporeTogether


Engaging in Conversations

Mr Darren Tan

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