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By Engineering Good

As part of Engineering Good entirely volunteer-run communications team, you play a crucial role in sharing insightful stories that help the public understand why they do what they do.

The team at Engineering Good dream of a Singapore that is more inclusive and equitable, and they do this by striving to make technology accessible to vulnerable communities. Whether it's building a speech-to-text transcription device that enables the Deaf to understand what is being said in real-time, or ensuring that a child from a low-income family has their own laptop for online learning, Engineering Good wants to empower the underserved to live a life of opportunities through technology.


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01 Aug 2022 to 01 Aug 2024

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Engineering Good is a Singapore based charity that works to empower inclusivity for disadvantaged communities. 

Your contributions would also help to garner support from potential donors, funders, and partners so that Engineering Good can sustain their efforts in digital inclusion and accessible assistive technology.


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