Forward Singapore

We are at a crossroads in our nation’s journey. Our social compact must evolve and respond to both new opportunities and emerging challenges.

Forward Singapore is an exercise for all of us to come together, examine our values and aspirations, build consensus, and so refresh our social compact.

Through this exercise, we will examine what we want to see for Singapore’s future, what we should prioritise, and what each of us is willing to contribute, in order to get there.


National Youth Dialogue

How can housing in Singapore remain accessible, affordable and inclusive?

Green Nation Pledge

Pledge to take action for a green, liveable and climate-resilient Singapore!

Environmental Sustainability

How can we steward our environmental resources responsibly for future generations?

Our Public Housing Conversation

Share your thoughts on how we can make Singapore the best home for all!

REACH x Forward SG (Malay)

Join us for a participant-driven discussion as we share our hopes & ideas to shape a better future.

Join Our Coastal Conversation

Join the conversation to share views on how we can reimagine our coastline along City-East Coast.

Share Your Pledges (Equip Pillar)

Find out more about the Equip pillar and make your pledges.

Register Your Participation

Please register your interest to participate in the Climate Action Week 2022 (19 - 25 Sept 2022).

Register Your Interest

Indicate your interest in the Forward Singapore engagements happening soon at each GRC.

The exercise will be organised along six pillars, each headed by 4G leaders:

Each pillar will engage Singaporeans to understand their concerns, review policies, and establish new partnerships to implement changes.

The Forward Singapore exercise will last a year, and conclude with a report in mid-2023.


1. Empower

Economy and Jobs


2. Equip

Education and Lifelong Learning


3. Care

Health and Social Support


4. Build

Home and Living Environment


5. Steward

Environmental and Fiscal Sustainability


6. Unite

Singapore Identity

Forward Singapore will be a major undertaking of the 4G team… We will engage in good faith; consider all ideas; and work alongside Singaporeans to achieve our shared aspirations.”

Lawrence Wong Deputy Prime Minister


Read the Official Speeches, Press Releases and Media Factsheets here.