Repair Kopitiam

To combat Singapore’s pervasive buy-and-throw-away culture, social enterprise Sustainable Living Lab launched a ground-up initiative called Repair Kopitiam in November 2014. Through monthly community meet-ups, trained volunteers or ‘Repair Coaches’ help residents with repair of all kinds of faulty products like electrical appliances, clothes and household items. Farah Sanwari, 27, is Project Lead for this initiative, held on the last Sunday of each month at the void decks of Blk 425 Jurong West Avenue 1 and Blk 819 Tampines Street 81.

As someone with a background in product design, I felt compelled to stand up for sustainable innovation and fight against excessive consumption. Repair Kopitiam is a way to prevent waste from happening.

Besides training and helping residents with repair work, we also volunteer at welfare homes to repair their items as part of our on-the-job training.

On average, around 80 people visit during each session. Many participants feel a sense of satisfaction from repairing or helping to repair their own items.

Those who came from other parts of Singapore have mentioned they would love to have Repair Kopitiam near their residential areas as well. We hope we can get there, and we encourage other communities to initiate their own sessions together with us!

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