YOUth got heART

By Zann Ling (Youth Corps Leader) with inputs from Lee Ci En (Youth Corps Advocate).

In conjunction with the Youth Month of July and the Common Space for Common Good (CS4CG) initiative, a team of 30 Youth Corps Singapore Members, together with youths from the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Singapore (MDAS) gathered for a fun-filled afternoon to celebrate youths! 

Everyone an artist 

The day started with volunteers and MDAS youths coming together for an art jamming session – a session for all of us to just have fun with art! But little did we know that it came with a twist. Instead of drawing and painting our partner’s portraits as usual, we were made to do it with our less dominant hand (imagine modern day Picasso art). 

When we first began, everyone was a little jittery as we didn’t think we would be able to portray our partners well, what more with the use of our less dominant hand! On the contrary, that was all forgotten the moment we took a leap of faith and put our markers to the canvas. 

When our friends from MDAS began painting, I noticed their bold choice of vibrant colors. In fact, they showed no concern on how things would turn out and allowed their creativity to flow freely. “Since we’re already using our less dominant hand, I might as well go all the way and think out of the box!” said Kay Choong, one of the MDAS youths on why he chose contrasting colors for his art piece.


An adventure to remember

After the art jamming session, we set off to the bustling Orchard Road to join in the activities at SHINE Festival. We managed to catch the MOE bands march past and we had fun singing along with the familiar pop songs they performed. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! 

Afzal, one of our fellow volunteers and also part of the organizing team shared: “I realised that many of us are unaware of this hidden community and are unsure of what role they can play in society. But my experience today changed my perspective because I saw how capable these individuals are and I’m sure they have a lot of potential to make a difference.” 

Towards an inclusive society

With inclusiveness being the key focus as we celebrate SG51, Adele Chiang, a Youth Corps member felt thankful for the opportunity to serve the needs of the MDAS youths in this short span of time. Being no stranger to voluntary initiatives, Adele shared that “Youth Corps had broadened [her] perspective” on volunteerism and it was “great that Singapore is progressing towards inclusivity”. 

This was echoed by Erlinda Heng, a Youth Corps staff coordinator with more than 10 years of volunteering experience. 

“Today was truly a great opportunity for youths to interact with persons of special needs as we build an inclusive society – for all, by all.” 

It was definitely a great day! We not only had fun, but had the chance to put a smile on someone else’s face.


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