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Conversations, in numbers

We have shared our views in…
88 sessions with 4,400 participants
12,500 survey respondents
… and counting!

(as of 31 December 2020)

What has happened?

Since the first conversation held on 16 June 2020, we have shared our thoughts and reflections in 88 sessions, both open-ended sessions and thematic sessions that focused on specific issues. This is a snapshot of what we have discussed so far, as of December 2020.

We will continue to have more conversations, and work together to turn these conversations into action.

Who has participated?

4,400 of us from different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, age groups, language preferences, professions, as well as persons with disabilities, have joined the conversations.

SG Together Emerging Stronger Conversations in Numbers

12,500 of us also shared our views through surveys. This included (i) the Emerging Stronger Survey conducted online as well as via telephone to reach out to seniors and lower-income groups, (ii) open surveys on the OneService and LifeSG apps, and (iii) on-the-ground surveys conducted by Digital Ambassadors from the Singapore Digital Office. In addition, Silver Generation Ambassadors and NTUC union leaders among us also shared perspectives and observations as representatives of seniors and workers respectively.

What did we talk about?

At the open-ended sessions, we talked about a wide range of topics from social and community issues, to our economy, infrastructure, and the environment. Three topics in particular stood out. Many of us shared our thoughts about Social Support, such as on helping vulnerable communities, volunteerism, and financial support. The second most discussed topic was national identity & shared values., on singapore’s values, community spirit, and the kind of society we want to be. the third most discussed topic wasjobs & economy, on job opportunities, income and wage policy, industry transformation, and economic growth.

Topics Discussed in SG Together

At the thematic sessions, we shared our thoughts on specific policies or potential opportunities for partnerships for these areas:

Discussion at SG Together ESCs

Find out more about what we discussed in the Our Voices section.