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50 years ago, our trailblazing pioneers overcame the odds to build our nation. Now it’s up to us to carry on their legacy and forge a better Singapore. A place where every Singaporean matters. Where we can live, work, and play. A place to raise our children, and our children’s children.

Our future starts today. Where will you take it?

Be A Volunteer Contribute Your Ideas


We would like to involve Singaporeans in some of our community projects. If you have an interest in any of the following fields, we welcome you to participate and contribute as a volunteer.

  • Young NTUC U Heart 2016

    U Heart 2016, led by Young NTUC will be held from now till December 2016. During this festival, Young NTUC aims to encourage youth to learn together through meaningful active volunteerism. We empower youth to curate volunteering activities to give back to society. Gather your friends, sign up as youth organisers or youth volunteers now! Stay tuned for more details on upcoming activities.
  • Build-it-Green Club

    The BCA Build-it-Green (BiG) Club was launched in 2011 and targets students (ages 17 to 24) with a keen interest in green buildings, design and architecture. Members can look forward to behind-the-scenes tours to exemplary green buildings in Singapore, workshops, talks and volunteering to be BCA ambassadors on relevant platforms. Learn more
  • HDB Community Building Seminar & Build-a-thon 2016

    The HDB Community Building Seminar (CBS) & Build-a-thon 2016 serve as a platform for community builders to learn, share, and experience new ways of building communities and enlivening neighbourhoods. Themed ‘Building Communities through Pop-Ups’, discussions will cover how we can bring vibrancy and liveliness to our common spaces.
  • Operation WE Clean Up!

    ‘Operation WE Clean Up!’ is a one-day exercise for everyone to take action and lead by example to keep Singapore clean. Gather your friends and be part of this nationwide effort on Sunday, 8 May 2016 to clean up the places we love. Learn more


The SGfuture citizen engagement series gives Singaporeans a platform to co-shape our collective future.

Do stay tuned for more sessions.

  • Promote Reading as a Tool for Learning

    03 Mar 2016, Library@Orchard (7:00PM - 9:00PM) View Event
  • Celebrating Lifelong Learning – It Starts with Me

    04 Mar 2016, The Marketplace, Future of Us Exhibition, Gardens by the Bay (4:00PM - 6:30PM) View Event
  • Our Future Hawker Centres

    10 Jan 2016, The Marketplace, Future of Us Exhibition, Gardens by the Bay (1:00PM - 3:30PM) View Event
  • Community Building through the Arts

    12 Dec 2015, The Marketplace, Future of Us Exhibition, Gardens by the Bay (10:00AM - 1:00PM) View Event

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A Caring Community

We wish to see SG100 as a more caring and cohesive society, one where we care for and value one another, and work together for the Common Good, regardless of who we are.

Our Giving Culture can flourish more, powered by youthful energies and guided by our seniors’ experience. Together, we can catalyse a caring and compassionate society. This does not stop with individuals: companies and interest groups have much to offer too. Volunteering, whether with co-workers, or neighbours, or with family members, enables all of us to see beyond ourselves, live more fulfilling lives and build a better home for all.

We want to have An Empowered People across all ages, backgrounds and walks of life. How can we build a community where the elderly, the physically challenged, as well as youths from disadvantaged backgrounds can participate and contribute without barriers in society? Everyone has their unique strengths.  Everyone can give. And we want to help the less fortunate amongst us to harness their strengths and live better too.

In forging ahead, we will be bound by our Shared Experiences. As one united people, we will go further without leaving anyone behind. Neighbourhood facilities, as well as arts, heritage and sports programmes, will promote greater social interactions amongst different segments of our community and help bond us as One Team Singapore.

The future is ours – co-create a caring community with us!

A Giving Culture

A culture of contribution is the hallmark of a caring society. We want to make giving part of our DNA, building on the kindness many Singaporeans already demonstrate in helping others.

Here, we will discuss how to nurture a culture where all Singaporeans are inspired to give back. We will exchange ideas on how to make goodness the business of every corporate organisation. We will brainstorm ways to harness the energy of our youths, and the wisdom of our seniors. Our conversations will span different avenues of giving, like giving through the Arts.

Come help us strengthen the kampong spirit in Singapore. Join us in our dialogue sessions and volunteer today!

An Empowered People

Every person regardless of background, age, and ability, shall be empowered to have the opportunities and means to pursue their dreams. Every individual shall feel valued and be able to contribute as an integral member of society.

Join us as we explore how to do more as a community and strengthen the culture of responsibility for one another. We will discuss ways to provide greater access and improve services to cater to the under-privileged. We need to look at increasing support for our caregivers. We will also discuss how we can build a senior-friendly environment in which all Singaporeans will want to grow old in.

Join us in our dialogue sessions and volunteer today.

Shared Experiences

Shared memories are the glue that binds us. In our multi-racial, multi-religious society, our differences can pull us apart. However, through shared experiences, from strangers, we can become friends. With strong relationships and trust between people, we can build a resilient nation that can bounce back stronger from challenges that come our way.

In this topic, we want to discuss innovative ways to leverage sports, music, arts, culture and heritage to promote relationship building amongst diverse communities. We also want to discuss how programmes can be designed to enable sustained intergenerational interaction, and how physical infrastructure can be designed for greater interactions between various groups. 

Join us in our dialogue sessions and volunteer today.


A Cleaner, Greener and Smarter Home

Building on past efforts and as part of the SGfuture engagement series, our “A Cleaner, Greener and Smarter Home” conversation brings together Singaporeans from all walks of life to envision a better home and living environment. The future is ours, and we need you to co-create this collective vision of a cleaner, greener and smarter home.

Our City in a Garden can be greener; we need more innovative ways of greening and means to bring more people to steward our green and blue spaces.

We want to have more Vibrant Community Spaces, which tap on the energies of individuals and communities who add colour to our living environment and create more connections between us.

We can live in Eco-Smart Towns, planned with sustainable features and smart technology that allow us to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, as well as to share information and build active, engaged communities. We shall strive to have a Gracious Living environment by choosing a lifestyle that is friendly to the environment and to fellow residents.

We are proud to be a clean and green city, but this is only possible if we continue with A Green and Conserving Culture; taking responsibility of our common spaces and the environment. We aspire towards a zero waste nation and to improve our resource efficiency.

Share with us your dreams, aspirations and ideas for a cleaner, greener and smarter home. Or join us in our engagement sessions to contribute your views. Sign up for the engagement sessions below.

City in a garden

Greenery plays an important role in improving the quality of our living environment. We are a city in a garden, where everyone has easy access to parks, greenery and waterways. By 2030, we aim to have 90% of households within 10 minutes’ walk from a park, 400km of park connectors and 100km of waterways open to recreational activities. These green and blue spaces around us cater to a wide spectrum of our recreational and social needs. Greenery also helps to reduce urban heat, traps dust, provides us with fresh air, and makes our living environment more pleasant.

Vibrant Community Spaces

With exciting and vibrant community spaces, people come together to take care of their neighbourhoods, creating a better living environment for all. Our public spaces include playgrounds, parks, hawker centres, void decks, and other places where people can rest, relax, mingle and chill-out with friends and neighbours. At these public spaces, communities exchange ideas, organise activities, bond, and build long-lasting memories.

Eco-Smart Towns

Our HDB towns are planned as sustainable towns where residents can live comfortably, age in place and build strong community bonds. Smart technology is being piloted in new towns such as Punggol Northshore to enable residents to lead a more sustainable and green lifestyle. With new eco-smart solutions of the future, we aim to discuss how to further encourage residents to make use of these technologies to lead an environmentally friendly eco-lifestyle. We would also like to seek ideas on how technology and commuter behaviour can help improve the overall travel experience in the future.

A Green and Conserving Culture

Our living environment is shaped by everyone who cares about their neighbourhood and shared spaces, and is prepared to be responsible to keep these spaces clean. As we progress as a society, we need to come together to help reduce unnecessary waste and increase resource efficiency to make a greener and more sustainable Singapore.


A Learning People

Why do we need to be A Learning People?

The skills that brought us security in the past are no longer enough. Our foundations are strong, but now we need to do more than follow a linear path that leads from primary school to the workplace to retirement. That old world order has been replaced by a new world where change is the norm.

Think of life just 8 years ago – pre-smartphone. It launched new career paths and had a negative impact on others. Now imagine what the next 50 years will bring. We don’t quite know what that world will be like. But we do know that to be a viable part of that world, we need to be a nation of lifelong learners. We are ready to pick up new skills, we adapt to new circumstances, we innovate, we learn from one another, we take charge of our learning and do what it takes to thrive as a people.

The path ahead may as yet be uncharted, but, together, we can make the journey an enriching and fulfilling one as we learn throughout life. It is time to put up our hands and do something to make learning a way of life. Our future is in our hands.

Our discussions will centre around 3 sub themes:

Learning across all ages

We will discuss what we can do to keep everyone learning at every stage of our lives, both individually and from one another.

In the new world, we are all students, regardless of our age. In an ideal scenario, every person has multiple opportunities to learn, develop and contribute throughout life – in school, in the workplace and through the retirement years.

How do we develop a love of learning in our young? How do we balance individual passions with economic demands? And how do we encourage knowledge-sharing opportunities between generations?

Learning as a community

How can we encourage lifelong learning as a community, and how can we offer learning opportunities at every touchpoint – where we live, where we work, and where we play? For example, how do we use our public spaces – such as the libraries – more creatively so as to draw in more young people? How should we use online spaces to create common spaces to share knowledge as a community? How do students today become the mentors of tomorrow, and help their peers and juniors to similarly inspire learners?

Learning for tomorrow

What does it take to be lifelong learners ready to respond to the requirements of tomorrow’s world? What are the resources that we need to put in place to enable people to continue to learn and develop? Should we reimagine our classrooms – walls as whiteboards, more tablets - for more interactive learning?

What are the new kinds of jobs that we are likely to see in the future? How can we attain the skills we need to take them on? How can employers and employees be more proactive in identifying new skills? How can they work more closely together to enhance learning opportunities? We want to be ready for the future, but we don’t fully know what that future will look like. How will we chart our learning journey together?


A Secure and Resilient Nation

Singapore has enjoyed peace and security for many years – but it is something we sometimes take for granted. Singapore continues to face various threats, including terrorism, cyber-attacks, and pandemics. Regional developments could also affect Singapore’s security and success.

Our security agencies keep Singapore safe and secure. However, they cannot do it alone. Every Singaporean can contribute by playing their part in Total Defence, being committed to National Service, and being prepared against threats to our social harmony and security, by staying vigilant and alert to our surroundings, staying strong in the event of a crisis, and staying united as one people.

How can we stay alert to threats, and keep our homes, communities and country safe and secure? How can we reinforce the Singapore Spirit our pioneers possessed, and strengthen networks of trust across different races and religions? How can we better prepare ourselves to respond to emergencies and crises? 

We welcome your thoughts and ideas.

Together, we can create a secure and resilient future for ourselves and our children.

Playing our part in Total Defence

Today, the threats and challenges Singapore faces can come in many forms. Terrorism, cyber-attacks and disasters are just some examples of these threats.

To ensure Singapore’s survival and success, we have to pay close attention to our regional security environment and put up a strong defence against internal and external threats. Our security forces cannot do this alone. We need all Singaporeans to play their part in Total Defence, whether in the economic, military, social, civil defence or psychological realm. How can we build a resilient society that can withstand these threats?

Enhancing our commitment to National Service

In 1967, we introduced National Service (NS) to meet the critical need of defending a young nation. NS is now an established national institution and a rite of passage for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Generations of national servicemen have served in the SAF and Home Team with pride and commitment, forging defining moments, experiences and friendships. Their contributions, as well as the support from their families, employers, schools and the community, have helped NS to play an integral role in Singapore’s security and stability.

2017 will mark the 50th year since the introduction of NS. Continuing from the efforts of the Committee to Strengthen National Service (CSNS), NS50 is an opportune time to commemorate the importance of NS. How can we sustain broad-based support for NS? Together, our continued support of NS will ensure Singapore’s security for the future.

Staying vigilant and alert to our surroundings

The threat from terrorism has increased significantly. Attacks worldwide have shown that the threat does not just come from abroad, but can also be home grown.

Singapore must be prepared for a terrorist attack here. We cannot take our safety and security for granted. Even as our security agencies step up our vigilance to deal with new threats to our way of life, each of us will need to stay alert against threats. 

Everyone needs to be more alert against threats, report any suspicious persons or activities and know how to respond in a threat situation. The ownership that we take over our own communities in looking out for one another and reporting threats to the authorities will help us better respond to these threats.  How can each of us keep our neighbourhoods safe and secure?

Staying strong in the event of a crisis

The attacks in Paris and Indonesia remind us that terrorist attacks can happen at any time and anywhere.  Should there be a crisis, we must have the resilience to bounce back. We need to stay the course, remain strong and not be cowed. We also have to prepare ourselves early to respond effectively to emergencies, individually and as a people.

How can we better prepare ourselves for crises, in terms of the roles we can play and the capabilities we have to help one another?  How can we better familiarise ourselves to respond when crisis strikes?

Staying united as one people

In 2015, Singapore celebrated her 50th year of independence. How did we survive as a people and how did we make it from Third World to First? What does it mean to be Singaporean and will we always have the values, attitudes and beliefs that give us the will to prevail?

As we face increasing threats and challenges in the future, it is important for us to strengthen community cohesion and build networks of trust between different races and religions. If we are united as one people, we will have the confidence and resilience to deal with these threats together.